A little encouragement

Aug 6, 2012 |
I know many of my viewers may not be Christian, but even still - may this post serve as a bit of encouragement that there is something greater standing behind you in all seasons of life. 

I was at church yesterday and got a different perspective in an old story that I grew up hearing.

David and Goliath. 

Remember that story? The one where lil old Israelite David decided to go fight the mighty Philistine warrior Goliath? David was the only one that had enough faith in God to fight him. Everyone was like are you SURE david?! you're like a little man.... and he's freaking HUGE. Some must've thought he was so brave, so faithful... and in this day and age - many would've thought, dang.. you're dumb. 

because to us: what is this little man going to fight up against a HUGE WARRIOR?! it's like a five year old going up against his or her teacher. There's no chance. 

but then you think about it... think about David's faith and think:

Goliath... he was only 9 feet tall with armor and a sword...

What is that compared to our God? 

Believe that anything in this world is conquer-able as long as you have the faith to know that there is an amazing God behind you. <3 

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