Benefit Box Sets!

If you are a fan of sephora on facebook - they had a Fan Friday of the benefit box sets! Even before they came out (in july sometime), they had a deal where you get a pack of THREE of their sets in a cute lunchbox for $50!!!! (So cheap!) Considering the fact that each box set is $28, this was an incredible deal. I snatched it as FAST as I can, posted it soo speedy fast and then breathed a bit.

I had these pictures taken a while ago and just totally forgot to post them up. I absolutely adore these sets and am such a huge fan of their new lip glosses. I will surely make a new post on the four glosses I have :)

 Here are the three sets you get - sugarlicious (sugarbomb), feelin' dandy (dandelion), and tropicoral (coralista) 

There are so cute because it comes with its own little mirror and some pages of tips and tricks! 

MY FAVORITE part of these sets (besides the makeup Lol) is the packaging. The whole inside can come out so you can use each product as you please. You don't always have to bring around the annoying box. (even though its so cute lol) Sometimes traveling with a box is such a hassle, so having the option to mix and match, move the products around is such a bonus! 

Without further ado - here are the pretty little things :) 
 Here's the coralista set: chachatint, high beam, coralista blush, coralista lip gloss. GOSH i really love the gloss formulaa!!! 

 Here are the swatches of each product :) 

 Sugarlicious set: benetint, high beam, sugarbomb blush, sugarbomb lipgloss (no swatches because I may give this as a gift)
Feelin' Dandy set: Posietint, highbeam, dandelion blush, dandelion lipgloss 

Swatches of the set! :) 

Hope you enjoyed! I love these box sets -- and am pleasantly surprised with how amazing the new lipglosses are! :) 

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