Bridal Hair Trial!

I'm so used to posting up trials of girls that I do, I totally forgot to post up pictures from my own bridal hair trial!!!! 

Some of you may know, I am opting to do my own makeup because I'm just so particular about the way my makeup looks. Even if everyone in the world thinks a certain look looks amazing on me, there is still a particular way I like to see my own makeup!! (so anal i know ha!) I know that my hair, although I can do it myself, can be a bit of a frustration on my wedding day.. so I knew I was going to get a hair stylist. 

Ever since before my sister's wedding, when my sister's friend got her hair done by this hairstylist.. about 4 years ago, I KNEW i wanted to book her. IMHO, she's one of the BEST! 

I booked Sachiko Yanese, who was originally trained in Tokyo and was a top hairstylist and makeup artist. Because she wanted to test her skills and she came on over to NYC and has been here for the past 15 years. I even had the honor of working side by side with her at on of my friend's weddings! Her upbeat and infectious personality, and positive attitude made this experience so easy and fun! 


Here was the inspiration photo. I really wanted something that was romantic, loose and curly. I didn't want it to be too 'bun'-ish so I could take my hair down later on in the day and so I could put lots of hair  accessories in my head! 
so sorry, i don't have the source for this, i just screenshot it!
if anyone knows, please let me know so i can source it! 
And here is how my hair turned out. Omg I am in love. My friend is making hair pins for me, so I didn't have them on hand, but I will be wearing the feather for the reception [weegardens, etsy] and that headband fascinator [off saks] for pictures! (I also have a little top hat thing that I totally forgot to bring) 

[Also remember at a hair trial, she doesn't really use hairspray so she can keep changing up the hairstyle as needed!]

side view
back view
back view with the headband fascinator!
I loved how soft and free flowing my hair looked. I think it looks so romantical and perfect! I was so happy with the look! 

Because we had some extra time since I already was set on this hairstyle, I told her about our afterparty and how I wanted to look rockerchic haha! I also had this gorgeous headband that I wanted to try to use - so she had a ball bumpin' up my hair SO high and letting loose some curls! I loved this look, it was totally fun! She even gave me some extra pins and hair products to help me do my own hair for that night! 

If you are in the NY area and need your hair or makeup did, i would 10000% recommend using Sachiko. You can check out her website here :) 

And look for a vlog soon ;) 

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Coco said...

I totally love your hairstyle! I wish I'd had a good hair- stylist for my own wedding two years ago. I like your blog, would you like to follow each other? xo Coco

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