Hourglass Opaque Rouge Review and Swatches

Oh how I love me some hourglass products. I swear by their mineral veil primer, their concealer and their glosses. When I heard about about these matte lip colors that lasted 14 hours, I was like 'whaaaat' haha I had to try it!

These lip colors come in these cute little lip gloss form (looks like their travel size lip glosses), but don't be deceived because awesome things come in little packages!

I picked up two colors, edition and canvas.

swatches of the lip products. Left is canvas, right is edition.
Canvas is an amazing 'your lips but better' color that I love to wear for every day. It looks so natural yet effortless. People probably just thought my lips looked hella amazing ;)

two coats applied

Edition was the first color I was drawn to. It is a muted bright pink with gold shimmers in it. I would love it way more if it didn't have gold shimmers, but it does add a pretty shine to it. I just find that after a long wear with it, the glitter particles are what sticks around on my lips rather than the lip product.

two coats applied

These have a wonderfully moisturizing texture when you first place the product on your lips. It feels thin and slippery. Quickly after, it begins to thicken and get a bit sticky. After about 30 seconds it become a completely matte formula. If you press your lips VERY strongly, you can still feel a sticky pull, but for the most part it is very matte and very much on your lips.

For me, the color did not transfer once it was dry. The only slight issues I had were if my lips weren't exfoliated, the product quickly settled into the cracks of my lips and made me look slightly scary with patchy products on my lips. After chatting with my good friend Rae, she recommended before the product was dry, to run your fingers over your lips, which was great advice!

One other thing --- Hourglass claims a 14 hr wear but that was not the case with me. With eating and such at MOST, it lasted me an 8 hour day. Even without eating, I could see it wearing off just a bit after the 4 hour mark. I think that was the only thing that made me 'ehh' a little bit, because why claim something that is so long when it isn't the case! lol (maybe i talk to much.....)

Overall these are amazing products but it comes with conditions. You MUST condition and exfoliate your lips or else the product will look a hot mess after a bit of time!

You can purchase this at sephora.comhttp://www.sephora.com/opaque-rouge-liquid-lipstick-P375384?skuId=1439447 or at any hourglass counter.

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