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Sep 12, 2012 |
Oh man oh man. If you follow me on twitter, instagram or facebook, you would've known that I recently attended a fashion week style lounge for New York fashion week with some very good blogger friends. Holy cow, it was so much fun! I can't wait to show you all the fun details of that event - but I want to wait to show you Stella&Dot's holiday collection!! 

At the event, they had this cute-ilicous 'Charm Bar" where you got to pick a base necklace and pick two charms to put on it. Here's a pic of amazing Kelly of AlterationsNeeded & Mel from labellemel31 picking out their charms!

There were so many cute things to choose, it legit took me forever to choose! HA! but first, can we just talk about their packaging?  

Let me tell you - as a teacher for kids with special needs, I come home exhausted and sometimes very discouraged. It's so nice to open a box and be welcomed with such a happy and positive note. Thanks Stella&Dot for making my self esteem just a little bit higher :P hello gorgeous <3 
It's also so nicely packaged with spongey layers on the bottom and on top! 
For my base layer I chose the Watch Over You necklace
Then I picked a Signature Initial Charm obvi in J for Jessica :P 
Then I picked up this cute Birthstone Charm in May because my fiance's birthday is in May. Actually Just kidding. HAHA I picked it because I thought the color was pretty! LOL and I love how it has just a bit of browning to make it look really 'stone-ish'! so gorgeous! 
Another feature I really love about their necklaces is that it gives three rings to make it adjustable to the size you want! 
Here's what she looks like in the box <3
Here's what she looks like on my laptop! 
And Here is what she looks like on my neck! I LOVE LOVE LOVE how when i walk the charms move and peek through. Sometimes you can see all of them, sometimes you can't! 
I have been wearing this baby nonstop since I received this on Sunday and I have not taken it off (except to shower and to sleep) and I've not only gotten so many compliments, and I mean i've only had it for a couple of days, but I'm extremely impressed with the quality of it! It is extremely durable! (I've had a couple students yank at it. oops)

You can purchase her at the Stella&Dot Website in the Charm Section! Let me know if you end up picking any charms or goodies out! I feel like I can be on their site forever! Everything is so darn pretty!

*gifted by stella&dot
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