Wedding Teasers!

I sometimes forget to tell you guys how lucky and blessed I am. Sometimes I think about my wedding day and remember just how much God loves us. We heard of how people had to cancel their wedding days, how some people's wedding venues were gone, yet I dont know how, but everything fell perfectly into place for us.

I was a bit stressed out wedding week... even though Hurricane Sandy came and took out our power for 10 days, it also gave me 5 days off of school (leading up to the wedding). It allowed me to prep things I needed to prep, spend extra time on things I was worried about, etc. Everywhere in the town our wedding was going to be in had no power, yet when we called the church, it had power (because they had just built underground power) and the venue was fine! The only hiccup was so minor, because I had ordered the centerpiece vases weeks ago because our local michaels didn't have 18 in stock, and it was scheduled to arrive the monday of the hurricane. Obviously by Thursday, it still hadn't showed up. So my good friend Mel and I decided to just go to Michaels and pick up any vases, because at that point, it didn't matter what type of vases we had as long as we had them! When we got there, there were EXACTLY 18 of the vases I needed.

Everything ran smoothly and perfectly because God's hands were on us... protecting us and loving us. We could not be more grateful.

We were also so blessed because we have one of the best photographers, Albert Cheung. He is personable, kind, and truly wants to understand what your vision is for the day. He was so easy to work with and really went out of his way for you. You see, our cinematographer lived in brooklyn and because of the gas shortage didn't have a way of getting out to our wedding site. So Albert DROVE out to brooklyn to pick her up and to come back to long island. He really is a gem and SUCH a talent, and I would highly recommend him for any photography needs. He's like a little chameleon with his work. Ok enough jabber... let me let the pictures tell you.

Here are just a couple of teasers for you, thanks to Albert!!

I can't wait to get the rest of the photos!
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