It is that time of year where its time to whip out fantastically holiday-ish fun... especially on your nails! When I think of holiday - I automatically think of holiday colored glitter (especially GOLD!)

Kirsten, owner and maker of allthatglitters nail polish was kind enough to send me her whole holiday collection of polish. Holy SHMOLY, it was like christmas blew up in the best kind of way.

Unfortunately, after my wedding I lost my camera. I know it is somewhere at my dad's house amidst all of the stuff that was thrown together and packed, I just have yet to find it. I was also scared I wouldn't have time to borrow my sister's fancy camera in time to show you these awesome polishes.

Therefore, I had to resort to using my iphone and jazzing them up in instagram form.

Here they are in all of their glory (i'm only missing one which will be in a giveaway on my youtube channel soon!). How fun do they look altogether?! <3

The swatches below are all on fake french nails. This way you can personally see the opacity of each color with two coats of polish.

Here is cool yule which is my favorite out of the bunch. It's a gorgeous opaque light blue with medium size, circular glitters in blue, purple and a teal. It reminds me of glittering snow! 

Here's Pinch of Grinch, which is surprisingly fun. It's a metallic green with small silver, green and red glitter, medium hexagonal darker green and red glitter and an occasional fun YELLOW STAR!!! I always get so excited when a star comes out! Although this is gorgeous alone, as you can see - it is not completely opaque, but when it is layer over an opaque color the green REALLY stands out. (i put it on top of a black color and it was FANTASTIC) 

I LOVE THIS NAME! <3 Here is eggnog wasted which is effortlessly fun! It's a creamy white-ish base with teeny gold glitters, small red and copper-ish glitters and green flecks! This is like a party on your fingers! Although you can still see my french tip base underneath the polish, I think with one more coat, the opacity would be perfect. I love how all of her polishes evenly distributes all the fun glitter so you aren't crazy worried everytime you paint your nails. 

Let me preface this by saying in no angle did any picture do this polish justice. It's so holigraphically fun! Its a silver base with all sorts of iridescent, holigraphic fun in small glitter, hexagon shapes, squares etc! I've seen swatches of this being completely opaque silver, but mine seems quite sheer. I put this top single coat of my silver Xtreme hardware (sally hansen) polish and it was SO FUN. I think this color on top of different bases would really help the iridescent sparkles really stand out. 

You can find her polishes at her etsy shop here :) 

Will try to get the others up soon! and a fun holiday tutorial this weekend! 
enjoy your weekend! x jess 

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