Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in Petal

Feb 27, 2013 |
New Color! New Color!!!! I absolutely adore these Fresh lip treatments so much. like. SO much. I used to go through the original treatment so quickly because I used to be obsessed with the sugar lemony scent and the buttery, smooth, moisturizing and long lasting balm. 

And now they have a new color! This is called Petal and its said to be a sheer pink petal color.

How amazing is this case!? I think these are my favorite balm cases because they look sleek and amazing, while having a twist of cap! and I especially love that this one is PINK!!!! 

Although it is a bit similar to the Honey (which is a warm nude), it does lean more pink. 

let's not judge how extremelllly dry and chapped my lips are and the blemishes on my face! :P 

Directly after I put the balm on, it added such a beautiful wash of color. I would say it looks very similar to honey - but with a pink color. I suppose because it was called 'pink petal' - i expected it to be a little bit lighter of a color. but nonetheless - i'm still obsessed! I actually thought honey was a bit too brown for me - so this one is PERFECT!

Overall - best treatment color because it iss such a beautiful every day color! I am definitely keeping this in my bag and wearing it everyday for a my lips are AMAZING colored ;) 

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