50 Random Facts About Me!!

Mar 10, 2013 |
So Lindy - aka - bubzbeauty recently did this tag. I adore this girl so much! She and I have become really good friends and sisters in Christ through the tube and I'm so lucky to know her! I had so much fun watching her video about her 50 random facts and then her 20 extra extension facts lol that I decided I wanted to do this too!

So here goes!

1 - My mom told me that I was named after the little baby Jessica that fell in the well and survived. She swore to me that the name wasn't even popular when I was born.

2 - I was never afraid to write my full name on youtube because there are so many Jessica Lees in this world. I shared the same name with 3 other girls in my graduating undergraduate class.

3 - I'm 26, but anytime anyone asks how old I am, I always believe I'm three years younger. The other day I told someone I was 23. That is completely wrong.

4 - I have a huge phobia of organic looking dots. I can't. I get goosebumps all over my body when I see any sort of dots and then I get more goosebumps because I look at my goosebumps... which look like organic looking dots.

5 - I love ketchup. so much. When I was younger, I used to keep packets of ketchup in my bag - JUST incase I needed it.

6 - The only time I ever chose 'dare' when I played truth or dare with friends, I had to kiss a dirty toilet seat and I spent the night throwing up. ugh - must've kissed fecal matter. such a dumb sixth grader.

7 - I kinda ran out of ideas for random facts, so I actually referred back to my XANGA because I remembered that I did a tag similar to this a long time ago... (omg)

8 - I have shrunken middle toes (its genetic!) and I'm highly embarrassed of them! :(

9 - I knew I've always wanted to be a teacher since I was young. I actually stole a board eraser from church (haha sinner!), would finish my homework at school (smarty pants) and just lock myself in my room during homework time and just use chalk to write on my desk door to pretend I was teaching someone.

10 - This is so gross. One of my favorite things to do is scratch my head and smell my fingers to see how dirty my hair is. HAHAHHA. o m g.

11 - When I was young, I used to fall off my bed (a lot). My dad bought me one of those bed stoppers and I used to pretend that I was in a hospital and that people were visiting me.

12 - I have one sister and she's my best friend, but she used to be really mean to me when we were young... I shall dedicate the next couple to telling you JUST how mean she was.

13 - I used to have an OBSESSION with Mariah Carey. Like I would cry watching her live in concert kinda obsession. In fifth grade, I couldn't go to my dad's "take your daughter to work day" but my sister went. She came back with a printed pic of Mariah Carey that was signed saying that Mariah Carey came to dad's work and that she was the best sister and got me an autographer. I was so thankful. I taped it on my wall and KISSED it like 3x a day. Weeks later my sister came back into my room and said, 'why do you still have that up? don't u know i just printed it out at dad's work and signed it myself?!' (should have known since my dad does computer programming.... LOL)

14 - One time when I was in kindergarten, I got sick and I wasn't allowed to eat anything. My sister was having dinner and was eating so slowly in front of my face and rubbing it in. Then she sneezed and some rice came out of her mouth. I was so hungry and mad at her that i grabbed the rice and ate it. (omg.)

15 - I have an obsession with squeezing black heads - but when I do that, it gives me goosebumps because they look like organic dots. lol.

16 - I cannot have anyone hear me fart. I've only let it slip out accidentally twice - and those times still haunt me.

17 - I have a fear that when I pee in the public restrooms that someone is going to open the door on me so I always use my hands to lean on the door. If I can't do that because the toilet is too far away I stare at the door - any sudden movement, I stop pee flow and stand up to pull up my pants.

18 - I ALWAYS squat when I pee in public places. Once in a while when I am really tired to squat (I can't believe I'm writing this.), I stand on the toilet seat and squat all the way down. LOL.

19 - If you tell me you are nervous about something, I automatically become nervous about it too.

20 - I have a dimple on my right upper cheek. I hate it so much. When I was young, I used to practice smiling so you couldn't see it. Now I have a very consistent smile that never shows my dimple.

21 - Anytime I am alone, I put on high heels and then I sing and belt like I am a superstar... which clearly I am not.

22 - I was in an a cappella group when I was in college and I still believe that was one of the biggest blessings I could've had in my college career. I met some of my bestest friends there.

23 - I have perfect pitch. I can only hear it through piano though. So when someone plays me a note on a different instrument - my brain has to translate it to a piano sound before I can tell you if it is the right note, wrong note or what note it is.

24 - Even though I do a lot of nail tutorials - I have really crappy nails. Its from years of biting them from being nervous. lol.

25 - I love to be emo. When I am not emo, I like to listen to emo music and feel emo. Is that weird?

26 - I busted my butt to go to some of the top schools for education while paying big big bucks and now I'm contemplating leaving the field because the stress of APPR and student testing has everyone miserable. Wow. That's probably the first time I've ever said that out loud.

27 - I am a hoarder. Except no, really I am.

28 - If I could do one hobby every day - it would be to sing karaoke.

29 - If I could eat one type of cuisine every day for the rest of my life it would be japanese because I love sushi so much... but if I could only eat one food for the rest of my life it would be potatoes (with ketchup of course)

30 - I am affected by caffeine really badly. If I drink any caffeine I'm either jittery, my heart beats faster or I'm up all night. I had two cups of tea and a bubble tea tonight. I'm doomed - especially since it's also day light savings tonight haha!

31 - If I could meet anyone in the world, it would be ellen degeneres. I think she and I would make great friends.

32 - I got married to a cuckoo man the saturday after hurricane sandy. The day I got married, we still didn't have power at the house - yet it was the biggest blessing. I had a week off to do wedding things (even though we had no power), our videographer was able to come extended hours - and everything that I was worried about was placed in God's hands. He worked miracles and it was the perfect day!

33 - I was toilet trained by my sister. She would sit on the toilet and say "THIS is how you pee" lol.

34 - I love fruits so much. One time after my family got back from a fruit farm, I pooped red and my parents FREAKED out. They took me to a doctor and they all found out that I was sneaking around and eating too many strawberries on the farm.

35 - Even when I was young, my ass was big. My mom would put me in leggings/tights all the time and they would always have holes in the crotch because the seams couldn't handle my fat ass. I still wore them though - holes and all.

36 - I think convertibles are the coolest things in the world. When I was in High School, I was on the homecoming court and we got to ride in convertibles and wave to everyone in the parade. That was my one and only time in one. It was SO fun.

37 - I have really good lip syncing skills because when I was young, I would listen to songs that I love over and over again and practice lip syncing them... just incase one day I was going to be in a music video and I would have to lip sync. lol.

38 - I started youtube videos because I loved to watch LUSH hauls. I became obsessed with LUSH and wanted to make hauls and bath cocktails... and thus began jessicalee422.

39 - I'm bad at being creative about usernames. I ONLY used my name because I felt like I didn't love anything enough to make it a username. So my usernames were always jessleexxx, xoxojessleexoxo, jessishott1 (lol wow vain yes), Xxjessleexx and of course... jessicalee422... HAH

40 - I have an internal clock (just like you lindy!!) It wakes me up 3 minutes before my alarm... if it's something that I'm nervous about, it wakes me up every 10 minutes for 3 hours before I have to wake up lol.

41 - Although people only really like to watch my nail and hair tutorials on my channel, I find I'm most knowledgeable at reviewing products because I use so many cosmetics that I have so many things to compare products with.

42 - My favorite position to sit in is lying on my back, with one foot on the ground (knee up) with my other leg crossed over. Felix says its my buddha position. haha!

43 - Felix and I both have thick and huge eyebrows. I'm convinced our children are doomed. I will also not tolerate my child with a unibrow.

44 - My armpits sweat so much. When I was younger they would sweat so bad. One time my periwinkle shirt turned light pink at the pits because i put too much deodorant and my pits sweat so much.

45 - I met Felix in the church that I grew up in. We are always reminded of how God works wonders and miracles in our lives.

46 - One time in college I had a dream that my roommate was shaking water in my face. When I woke up, I was drenched because I left the window open and it was raining.

47 - I'm so lucky and blessed that I started a youtube and blog to express my creative side. I know a LOT of people that always talk about doing it - but I'm so glad I did. I met some of the best people on here and am forever thankful.

48 - I don't put my face in any of my videos because Felix prefers that I live a quiet and private life (and I do as well, but it was his idea). Although I prefer it, sometimes I wish I put my face out there so I could do fun tags like the 5 minute make up challenge! haha!

49 - I have a secret love for the scent of gas and basements... HAHA.

50 - Throughout life, I'm so thankful for a gracious God who gave me a wonderful husband, family and friends. God is so so good to me and I am forever and amazed.

I'm so happy this is over! This was kinda hard...!!!!! Thanks for doing this lindy so I could do this! I can't wait to be reunited with you in July so I can squish you and bid you happy blessings for your wedding soon! love you muchos! <3

Hope you guys enjoyed this!! x

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