Loreal Wet Shine Stain - Dupe to YSL?

So many of you kept asking me if (well i purchased these a long time ago but forgot to post it whoops) loreal stains are dupes to my beloved YSL glossy stains.

I'm here to tell you - nope, they are certainly not! 

As a product in itself - it is not terrible. There are some flaws with it (as there are with any product) and don't perform amazingly on my lips... but if you compare them with the YSL glossy stains they fall flat... by a lot.

So here is the product :) and let me walk you through my thoughts!

Here is what the packaging looks like - i have to admit. I love the packaging. I think it looks chic and is practical!

I also enjoy this doe foot applicator. It's similar to the YSL one and it can hold a lot of product. so i quite appreciate it. I honestly can't even tell you what color this is because I returned it back to the store, but for me it looks as if it'll perform as a pretty milky pink - slightly coral color. 

Here's what the color looks like. It is the stripe that is on the left going vertical. On the right side are the two swatches of my YSL glossy stains - 27 (peche) on top and 29 (rose) on bottom. As you can see, it looks VERY similar to the color on top. #27 on me does look like a pretty coral color - and I would hope that this color would look similar.

Here she is on my lips. . . I mean, yes, it's a nice color. A pretty stained, jelly almost rose-ish color. NOTHING like what it looks like on my swatch or in the tube. In fact, I find that I have a lot of colors that are very similar to this. The texture itself did feel slightly like the YSL glossy stain, but it wasn't as tacky and doesn't feel as thick. It feels more slick and glossy.

THIS is the reason I returned it. I mean, I know my lips are slightly chapped - but not THAT chapped haha. The stain ended up falling deep within the lines of my lips and created this horrible splotchy coloring, which made me feel so sad! The worst part was that I couldn't even get it off HAHAHAHAHA! I ended up putting on a darker color lipstick on to mask it.

This is actually what made me laugh at the end. After a bit of time, here are the stains that the lip products left behind. The loreal stain ended up looking like the rose color on the bottom! nothing like the peach color on top! isn't that bizarre? 
 So if you've never tried a YSL glossy stains and think you're getting a bargain here, the product doesn't perform like it although it does have hints of similarities. IMO, I think it is well worth it to pay the extra 20 dollars to get a YSL glossy stain for better colors, texture, evenness and long lastingness.

The Loreal lip stains aren't horrible, perhaps it is just the color that i picked, or my lips.. - in fact I like the packaging and i like the fact that the texture isn't quite as thick, but you have to make sure you have very exfoliated and even lips before you think to try this product on :)
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