Le Métier de Beauté Anamorphic Lash Waterproof Mascara Review

Ok. So I'm a convert. A week ago I would've swore to you that my itty bitty asian lashes can ONLY handle asian branded mascaras like Majolica Majorca Expander Frame Plus Mascara and FairyDrops Mascara. Not anymore.

Oh. Anamorphic mascara.. you're beginning to change my life.

So I was lucky enough to get this mascara in a Limited Edition Birchbox Set. I received this product in the color Brownish Black. I have a secret love for dark brown mascara because it makes me feel like I'm giving of this effortlessly natural but glamorous look. :P

Speaking of effortless, the packaging is in this lightweight and convenient package. I appreciate that the casing is clear because you can see the product inside. I don't really like most mascara packaging because I can't see how much is left or if something weird went inside - so I am loving that this one is clear!

It has a standard mascara wand. I'm impartial to this because this type of wand is a bit too large for my short lashes (I'm better of with thinner wands), but with a mascara guard, the wand works wonderfully getting deep into my lashes for a fuller look.

Here is the swatch of the color. I love the brownish black color for a daytime look. I think its the perfect balance. Most brownish black colored mascaras that I have lean too brown and look unnatural with my black hair. This one works nicely!

OK. don't judge me. I'm putting all of my vulnerable, teeny lashes for the world to see. lol :) 

So the next three pictures are naked lashes, one coat and two coats. I did NOT curl my lashes beforehand. So you know, my lashes naturally shoot downward, so I ALWAYS have to curl my lashes.

Are you amazed? 
Lengthening Ability: WOW. Is all I can say. Usually I need the fiberwig mascaras to give me this sort of length without it falling flat. After the first coat, I was already pretty impressed that the formula could hold my lashes up while making them longer, but the second coat made it look like I'm wearing natural falsies! 
Volumizing ability: I think the pictures speak for themselves. I think it gives just the right balance of volume to not become clumpy and goopy. 
Lasting Ability: Most mascaras on me give me severe panda eyes and flakiness even after I powder under my eyes and set my mascara with translucent powder. I mean, I KNOW my eyes are water and oily, but come on! haha! This mascara stayed put on my lashes and withheld my workout, my full day errands, etc. until I was ready to take it off. 
Curling Ability: This is where I was most shocked. Generally most mascaras fall completely flat within a couple minutes because my lashes get too heavy and can't hold the curl. Only thin formulas such as the MM expander frame can do it because of its thin formula. This formula isn't incredibly thin, but it didn't make my lashes fall! The mascara also actually helped curl my lashes really well! Below is actually a picture of the way it curled my lashes. Just the right amount of curl :) 

The one thing I felt like I had to do was wait for the lashes to dry before I try and put anything else on my face (since I'm always in a rush trying to multitask lol). The formula was pretty wet when I put it on and took a bit longer than other mascaras to dry. [If you look at my four eye pictures, you'll see little black dots below my eye. That's because I was trying to put on concealer right after I put the mascara on and I touched my lashes and then my undereye!]

OK... so the best part? Are you ready? My most dreaded part of putting on mascara is taking it off!!!...but the LMdB Anamorphic Mascara doesn't take all the rubbing, tugging, pulling craziness to get off!!!!! I used my AmorePacific Oil cleanser and at first clean, all of it was off! Best surprise ever! 

Overall, I am beyond excited that I was able to try this little gem. I'm surprised I haven't heard more about this! The lengthening, curling, volumizing ability in conjunction with the easy to remove formula makes for such an amazing mascara and I all of a sudden feel addicted. I also know they have some sick, amazing colors. I can't wait to get my hands on more of them! 

Have you ever tried this mascara? What do you think of it? 

Although this is such a luxurious/splurge brand, I'm now excited to try more Le Métier de Beauté products! Let me know if you have any suggestions! I already have their Kaleidoscope blush kit, PV concealer and nail polishes on my wish list! :P

You can purchase this mascara online for $34 at birchbox, neiman marcus or nordstrom :) 

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