Hourglass Femme Nude Lip Stylo First Impression!

I've been eyeing these ever since I saw a preview of them, but couldn't get myself to purchase them online because they all looked like identical colors! I could not for the life of me find these in store - until I was in Boston this week and they had it in the Prudential Sephora! Woohoo!

I got to swatch and play around with them. I absolutely adore the packaging to the max... like the max max! I think its sleek and chubby stick-esque, with a bit of a chic kick. I love that the twist up and are pigmented and creamy.

I figured that 4 or 5 would be my shade so I was playing around with the higher numbered colors. First I tried on 4. It was nice - but it requires me to have a full face of makeup with a smokey eye in order to pull off this look. It was a great nude with a really creamy and hydrating feel. Unfortunately, I felt like I couldn't shell out the $30 for a lip product that I wouldn't wear for more than one type of look.

Then I tried #5. This color was a nice nude on me. It was as little bit more subtle, with a more of a pinky sheen to it. It does have some shimmer to it - while I don't quite feel it on my lips, I could tell that the product was not quite as creamy and hydrating as #4.

Then I tried #6 which was just entirely too dark of a 'nude' for me. It was a beautiful shade - would probably be great for the fall, but being that it is summer, I just wasn't into it yet! (don't go, summer!) The formula was just like #4, really creamy, pigmented and really moisturizing!

Needless to say, although the formula is really nice for many of them, I left empty handed. I'm not disappointed though because they are some really great nudes. I think when my skin tone changes from season to season, I'll be back to play around to see what works nicely. Perhaps I will pick up #6 in the cooler weather or finally opt to pick up #4 on a night out... or pick up #5... just because it's beautiful!

Here are the swatches that I took in store. #1 starts by my thumb and is in number order as you work up! :)

You could pick these up at Sephora.com here

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