Ardency Inn Modster Lip Color in Love Cat

This red lipstick is perfection. PERFECTION!!!

So I've never heard of this brand, but it popped up while I was playing around on and surprisingly the reviews were pretty good. That never happens for me because I feel like I know good things before anyone else does, so WTH!?!? How did other people know of great products that I didn't know of?! 

Thus, I picked it up. (LOL. gets me every time) 

I'm not huge on the packaging for this product, but it is chic and to the point. It's shorter than most lipsticks and chubbier, but it has a magnetic closure. MAGNETIC. that's my favorite :) 

I LOVE the creamy formula of it. It's not too sticky or thick, but it is pigmentation perfection. 

I also love that the finish. It's luscious and matte, but leaves just the slightest tinge of shine so it moisturizes your lips.  

Speaking of moisture, I also love that it is nice and moisturizing. It doesn't accentuate fine lines or my dry lips. It actually hydrates my lips. The color also doesn't bleed for my lips (whoo hoo!). This color lasted about 3 hours on me before starting to fade in the center. 

without lipstick

with the Ardency Inn lip color in lovecat! 

I'm also obsessed with this color. Its so badass. It's a deep red with blue undertones. And you know what it makes me want to do with my lips?? 


says, "BAM!"

haha :) Hope you enjoyed this post and give their lipsticks a try! I am dying to try some of the other ones!!

You can purchase them for $24 from
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