Sunday Evening Coffee: Thankful.

Haha. A little late today. Darn, sorry! I know I usually get these up in the morning, but here's an evening one! :)

Dear StyleHaul, friends + viewers,

When I first started my youtube channel, it was simply because I loved LUSH. I wanted to make fun bath cocktails and share everything LUSH. My mind was quickly opened to this amazing beauty space, where I was able to build a creative space for myself. I began doing hair tutorials (which I've always prided myself in doing hair!) and trying + experimenting with makeup. When I decided to stop showing my face in videos, it was hard to do those same videos, so I began to use models for videos and focus more on nail art - something I would've NEVER thought I would do.

I promise, I have a purpose for this letter. Please excuse me for my rambling! HAHA! :) 

Anyway over two years ago, a pretty lil (she's actually not little, she tall, blonde and stunning. i believe i can use the term 'bombshell') lady named Stephanie emailed me to join her network from StyleHaul and I'm so beyond thankful for the opportunity. Because of them, I was able to do things I would've NEVER imagined myself doing. I was opened up to this crazy world of beauty and fashion and it's seriously a trip. I was able to meet cyber people that I thought were only tangible through the youtube screen. I was able to cultivate and grow amazing.. and deep friendships,  have international friends and go to events I would think to only watch on TV.

Just today I went to this awesome simplystylist event where I was able to chat with Lo Bosworth and meet Catt Sadler... and then afterwards do a collab video with my good friend, and amazing youtuber with over 260,000 subscribers - Alba (sunkissalba)... and I got to thinking just how incredibly blessed I've been.

And then I remembered - what I've always had a passion for: for outreach. for giving back. for loving more. for hating less. I remember in High School I would volunteer in soup kitchens, summer programs for underprivileged kids, in the streets to hand out sandwiches, food banks..etc. I did it because I loved it SO much. I loved connecting with people as people, rather than a social status. And I feel like as I grew up, in a world where its about growth, connections, money - I forgot who I am.

Today reminded me just how thankful I am for everything that was given to me. I'm so thankful to Stephanie for believing in me and making that first call. I'm thankful for Stylehaul - Andrea, Lauren, Claire, etc. for continuing to believe in me and for giving me such amazing opportunities to grow myself and my channel.

Today also reminded me how much I've been given. How much I take. How much I don't give. and I'm ready to give back. to love more. to care deeper. Having this social platform is so fun, but it's not as fun if it isn't meaningful.

So this is my letter to you + challenge to myself: to make life more meaningful. to share it with you. to bring beauty from within to your screen.

I hope you'll join me and help me on my journey.

Love you guys. for serio.

PS. Any ideas, suggestions warmly welcomed with big hugs and smooches!
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