Loreal laLaque + leMatte Lip Colors

I'm never huge on drugstore products because of my sensitive skin, but occasionally (or more than that HA!) I enjoy picking up a couple new lip products to try out to see how drugstores are coming along. These are the fairly new Loreal Colour Riche leLaque and leMatte lip colors. It comes in 8 different shades of pinks, corals, browns and purples. Although I think that is fairly versatile, most of the colors are very bold. I wish it came in more every day neutral colors! Here's my break down: 

Packaging: These are lipsticks in a almost lip pencil form. The twist up contraption is very easy to use and good for preciseness. The one thing I find is if you don't twist up high enough, as you are applying, you are getting product all over the packaging. 

Smell: The smell is similar to the regular Loreal lipsticks. Slightly overpowering of the flowery, old lady smell.  Not a huge fan, but I would still use it :P 

Formula/Moisture/Pigmentation: I love the texture. 

The laque formula is similar to loreal lipsticks. It is thick and moisturizing without being overbearing. It gives full coverage of lipstick, but could be nice and sheer if you put just a little bit. the laque formula is very moisturizing- as are all loreal lipsticks for me! 

the matte formula is slick and moisturizing. It's not dry (unlike most matte lipsticks) and has amazing lasting power. You do have to be careful, because mine transferred fairly easily (despite it being on my lips for a while), and I somehow had lipstick on my chin after a couple hours! 

Lasting ability: I would say these have better lasting ability than their usual lipsticks. If you look below, the lematte formula lasted a good 7 hours before you started to see serious wear. The lelaque formula lasted a nice 5 hours before I had to reapply. I know some people experienced feathering with the leMatte formula, but I didn't have that problem (as I don't usually have much problem with feathering) 

Loreal leLaque in 411 and leMatte in 408.
twist up contraption makes it so easy to apply!
Loreal leLaque in 411 and leMatte in 408.
Showing the beautiful sheen of the leLaque formula compared to the matte formula! 
Here is the laLaque formula in 411 - it gives a beautiful opaque color. Its a gorgeous everyday neutral mauve pink. 
Here is the laMatte formula in 408. Gorgeous rich opaque color as well. Extremely precise! 
I apologize for the strange flash! I was in a place that didn't have much light! Here is the lipstick after 5 hours. (I drank some water with a straw and had half a sandwich by this time) As you can see, still pretty intact! 
This was after about 7 hours, as you can see, the color in the center of my lips have completely come off, just leaving an epically cool lip liner ring of red on the outside. (and my skin is so shiny ew!)

Overall, this is a great new product. I definitely recommend it. If you can get over the 'loreal smell,' these are definitely worth the hype and worth a try! They have a lot of nice vibrant shades, I'm looking forward to hopefully them getting in more neutral shades *cough* 

For more swatches of the other colors check out my good friend Jenny's post with her lip swatches as well! :) 

Thanks for reading! xo 

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