Maybelline Elixir Color Lip Balms

Oh I Love these SOSO much!!!

I picked up four colors. I only pictured three because after one day of loving the mauve one so much and playing with it, I somehow managed to lose it. It was my favorite color of the bunch!!!! :(

These are the new Maybelline elixir color lip balms and IMO they are AMAZEBALLS... and from what I've heard, I believe they are permanent.

They are like a lip gloss / lip balm hybrid. And they are divine. Let me break it down for you.

Packaging: I absolutely adore the packaging. I love that its not just a clear tube with a 'gloss type thing inside,' but that the cut out of the tube is in the shape of a lipstick! I actually thought when I pulled it out it would be the lipstick shape. To my surprise there was a ridge-y slanted doe foot applicator (similar to the loreal lip stains). It provides really nice precise coverage because of the applicator.

Texture: AMAZE. I do not say these kind of things lightly, and I'm scared I may get hurt by some of my blogger friends... but these glosses are so plush and cushiony - they are reminiscent of some of my dior glosses (gasp!) I like how the texture is glossy and balmy, slightly thicker, but not sticky at all.

Color: The color payoff is not as great on the lips as you see in the tube. In fact, when I first picked them up, I was highly disappointed at the color because it was absolutely not the color I thought it would be. The celestial coral color looks like it would be a deep pink coral, was actually more of a jelly pink. Once I accepted the color was going to be slightly lighter than the tube, I was able to accurately pick which colors I would want. They are quite buildable on your lips depending what color you are using.

Wear time/moisture: This lasted only about 1-2 hours on my lips, but it did make my lips more hydrated and plump. Some colors have staining power, so it leaves a nice stain after the actual balm disappears.

Smell: It has this typical perfume-y sweet scent that like little girl's play lipglosses have. Do you know what I'm talking about? Some people will hate it, but I didn't notice the smell for very long.

Amethyst Potion: 
Just to show how glossy gloss it is! :) 

Here is with the product after about an hour on my lips. a pretty left over stained color! 

Celestial Coral: 

this is the doefoot with the weird, ridgey catepillar applicator!

Here is the stain it left behind after 2 minutes of it being on my hand. 

Intoxicating Spice:

 Overall - although the smell and color pay off is not what I hoped for, the product is something that is definitely worth trying out! I'm definitely going back to pick up more! I have a list of 6 more I want to try HAHA! #addicted #hoarder #LOL

I purchased mine from my local Harmon / Bed Bath and Beyond for around $6

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