Sunday Morning Coffee: Money Spending Habits!

Okay. Is it horrible that second SMC post, and I'm already not sure what I want to write about? HAHA!!! :P

Because I recently got smacked in the face with my credit card bill, I thought I would tell you a little bit about my spending issues. hAHA. I have a horrible money spending habit. Like, really bad. When I see something I like, I dont generally practice self control, I just buy it. No thoughts needed. Often, I find myself in shock every time I check my credit card bank statement because my $s really add up. I may have thought, oh this small $50 purchase at sephora isn't a big deal, but stacked with gas costs of $40, $100 for the new work pants and sweaters I needed, and $80 grocery money, I am shocked that my purchase is already over $200! And the month had just started! (lol).

I realized the only thing that works for me is knowing my budget. I have an approximate monthly guestimate for 'necessities' - ie. gas, groceries, bills equates to about $200-250 a month. This leaves me about for me to 'splurge' apps $300/month, so I can leave extra money for savings, emergencies, and "I need this this month" type of things such as buying birthday gifts, holiday gifts or a splurge purchase that I may have once... in a while. Sometimes I feel like I'm on Money Spending Weight watchers haha! I can spend only a certain amount of points per week and they can carry over daily if need be. :P

And it's hard. It's easy for me to do a quick little swipey or click as I know my credit card number and codes by heart. I find it most convenient for me to check my bank account often, since I know the break down I need to stick to.

Because of this, I can now ask myself, "Do I need this NOW? Or can I wait to purchase this next month for my budget?" When I ask myself those questions and I decide to wait for the next month, many times I forget (so it wasn't that important) or I will purchase it (meaning it was worth my money and time to get it ha!)

If I didn't have Felix, I probably would still be spending like I'm a rich girl (which I am not). We're saving for our future - home, children, etc. As much as I LOVE to be spur in the moment in getting lipsticks and cosmetics, I realize down the line, the 14 lipsticks that I have in my bad is not as worth it as having the $200 I could've saved had I not spent the money.

Man is this a sign that I'm actually growing up? Haha! :)

How do you guys save your money? Or are you a splurger like I "used to be" (haha sometimes still am..)?

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