Sunday Morning Coffee: Fit + Healthy

I had a reality check the other day. I looked at my new Driver's License picture and it was so close and I had a DOUBLE CHIN. a DOUBLE CHIN! And i know that when I was taking the picture, I was trying to make sure it wasn't there... meaning that that double chin is always hanging around!

I am constantly on a journey that goes up and down with fitness. Because Felix and I love to go out with friends and enjoy good food... and our idea of a good time may be having drinks and singing karaoke rather than going for a good hike.. so needless to say, it's hard to remind myself to be healthy.

All excuses aside, I am always telling myself and Felix.. OK. it's time. It's time to get healthy. Two weeks later, whoops. off we go for another huge meal with friends or family. It's a horrible roller coaster of events and it's so annoying!

I've done a couple of new things these past couple weeks and it seems to be working (so far!). Especially because the Holidays are around the corner, I don't want to fall into a deeper hole and not be able to get myself out.  I hope hope hope.. I can keep this up to really make a lifestyle change. Here are the things that have changed:

1. I have a workout buddy. I have a friend who is really trying to get healthy as well - so we have a plan to go to zumba class twice a week. It's a very set schedule that we're trying to stick to. On Sundays, I try and drag felix to go for a brisk walk with me in the mornings. Occasionally if I'm feeling daring I'll do some strength stuff on a wednesday, but that has only happened once. HAHA. (told you when i'm by myself, it doesn't tend to work haha!)

2. I have a journal. I am trying to track everything I eat. It's actually been really helpful because when I don't think I eat much for the whole day, I notice CRAP I ate 4 pieces of chocolate and 20 gummies! You forget the extra stuff you eat!!!

3. I look at the nutrition facts when I'm at the supermarket. I love myself some Trader Joes, but sometimes I end up putting like EVERYTHING in my cart then I realize that I probably shouldn't have afterwards. LOL! Now I try to read the label before I put anything in my cart and if it doesn't meet the criteria, I don't put it in my cart. Fresh is the best. (although it spoils the fastest). I try and get fresh products so thats all I will want to bring during the week for lunch. Also, I ALWAYS have frozen veggies on hand incase I run out of produce! I have frozen broccoli, corn, mixed veggies - they have the best selection of these in trades!

Well those are my little changes that have been working so far. Hopefully I can keep this up. I really don't want the holiday cheer to get me down! After just 2 weeks of working out, I can feel my body getting more energy and strength. I also make sure to write all that down so I dont forget the steps I've made toward a healthier life!!!

Are you guys doing anything to make steps toward a healthier life? I'd love to hear your stories + encouragement! Let's inspire each other! xoxo
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