Planning my sister's baby shower!

I thought that some of you may find interest in my planning my sister's baby shower. It was my first shower that I took lead on.

I decided to go with two themes: 
-A Spa + Pamper theme (bc my sister deserves it!)
-a coral + gold color theme

For the decor:
I wanted to stick to the coral and gold theme and create a more pale romantic palette that is pleasing to the eye. I didn't want anything too bright because my sister tends to like softer romantic colors. I also wanted to steer clear of straight up pink, because even though my sister is having a girl, having everything pink would probably freak her out.

My closest friends and dream team in decorating, Steph + Mel helped me in making some coral, gold + white tassel banners. I love how these turned out. I can't wait to reuse these and throw them around my apartment! lol :)

We also made these GORGEOUS white, coral + gold balloon tassels. Unfortunately, they were supposed to go with huge 3' balloons, but they didn't fit in the car, so we had to use regular balloons. They didn't come out as I intended because of the balloon size, but they did add little sweet flairs to the room.

We also had this fun Rifle Paper Co. Banner that my best friend let me borrow. It's awesome because its a banner that has all the letters in the alphabet so you can reuse it over and over again for any occasion! 

We also made a diaper cake that had fake flowers from Michaels in pale colors. Nail polish favors with tags that matched the invites as well as frames for each table with the same invite design. On each frame, I made a cute (haha 'cute') poems to go along with each frame's station.

The stations: 
Because many of the guests were in their late 20s and early 30s, I decided having wild games (like bridal shower ones) were probably not going to be as popular as doing more quiet, relaxing activities. I went with having a bunch of stations at the shower, some crafty that were useful for my sister and some pamper + spa-ish things!

Station 1 - Mani station: I had a bunch of polishes, lotions + files for the ladies to paint their nails! 

Station 2 - Bath Tea Bag Station: I had all the ingredients to make a little tea bag full of bath products to make a luxurious bath treat. Many of the girls just made a little baggie of lavender too! 
 Station 3 - Onesie Station: My best friend did this at another shower we planned and it makes for the best gift for mommy. We had the guests paint designs on the onesies. Rather than directly drawing on it, I had them draw it on freezer paper, then cut out the inside of the design (leaving the negative). Then you iron the outside freezer paper on the onesie and it adheres creating a perfect stencil for the onesie. Then you paint on the design and peel off the freezer paper! I also left a bunch of inspiration photos for the less creative folks :)

Station 4 - Craving Station: I had been asking my sister throughout the weeks what she's been craving. As she told me, I would write them down. On her shower I put a table of all the goodies she was craving on the table. This table also had the diaper cake and the favors!

Of course I still had to have some games. These games were either short and sweet or games that people could do on their own time. 

Name that Celebrity's baby picture! - My sister is a huge fanatic of celebrity gossip! We both read Us Weekly Religiously! I found this game online where there were a bunch of celebrities' baby pictures (like Katy Perry, Beyonce..) and they had to guess on the paper. They did this while doing the stations so after everyone was done, I called out the answer and the person with the most correct won a prize. If I could change this game I would've put maybe just 10 pictures! This had a LOT of pics! 

How big is mommy's belly? - I happen to find the how big is my mommy's tummy in Michaels (I was gonna use streamers), which was perfect. During the stations, I had everyone cut what they thought was my sister's belly size (without using their own stomachs as as guideline). It was so fun having everyone come up and see if their guesses measured up!! 

Of course the mama of 3 got it EXACT! haha! look how surprised my sister and I both are! LOL!

Because I was traveling from NY to Boston, I didn't have time to make a crap ton of food. So I baked cupcakes and blondies and in the morning, hubs, sister, brother in law and I went to Trader joes and picked up a bunch of finger foods and easy bites. 

THE SMARTEST thing I did was buy a ton of small take out containers and had all the girls take home goodies. We had a ton of baked goods left, and the girls were HAPPY to take it home. It was amazing because we totally didn't have much left over food! 

And that's about it! Here are some of the pictures from the party :)

Congrats <3 Love you both so much and cannot wait for the arrival of little baby m! I can't wait to be a real aunt! :) I love her so much already! 

Thank you SO SO much to Sarah for taking these aaaamazing pictures! Thank you for capturing the day for us! <3 

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