Benefit Lollitint Swatches + Review

Ever since I ordered this when it first came out, I have used this NONSTOP. I think this has got to be my favorite benefit stain I own (lol and i own all of them!). They describe this as a 'candy-orchid tinted lip + cheek stain' and I think the color is on point. It is definitely a GORGEOUS cool toned pinky purple color. With my crazy obsession with everything orchid color, this definitely doesn't fall short!

As a cheek stain, this is beyond gorgeous. Its a non sticky, thin liquid product that dries down quickly (so you must work quickly!) It works best when you apply the product one cheek at a time, or else you'll end up with a lovely marked stain on your face that you may not have intended on :P It is definitely buildable so you can have this color as natural or as deep as you'd like!

The product leaves the most gorgeous orchid pink color on my cheeks and lasts throughout the whole day without any need of touch ups.

On lips, it can be drying as it doesn't provide any hydration (which I did not expect since its a stain). The way I like to use it is dab it over my bare lips and apply a clear balm or gloss on top. Makes the wonderful color stand out and look effortless!

Here is the product 'blended out' after 15ish seconds of it sitting on my hand. As you can see, it leaves a gorgeous stain, but you must work quickly! 

Here is the product blended out!
Basically, I've been so in love! I've been using this product nonstop this past month and don't see myself stopping anytime soon! haha :) It's just so effortless and perfect :) Definitely my favorite of all the stains (with chachatint closely behind!) 

You can (and definitely need to… haha!) purchase this for $30 online at benefitsephora or ulta website or in store at sephoras, ultas, benefit beauty counters and stores :)  

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