Jouer Lip Glosses Swatches + Review

I cannot even begin to tell you how much I love Jouer glosses. These have essentially taken over all my glosses and are now among the most used glosses that I have.

These are among some of the most moisturizing, non sticky, hydrating and plush lip glosses I own. They are packed with Vitamin E, jojoba seed oil and shea butter for this amazingly buttery, smooth pout.

I have these lip glosses in four different shades. Three of these glosses are a creamy milky finish and one of them is more of a jelly finish. I didn't choose any lip glosses with shimmer, but they do have a great range of shimmery glosses as well!
I love the sleek, simplistic packaging of these! L-R: Malibu, Divine, Peony, Wind
It has a standard doe foot applicator :) I do wish that each time I took it out, it packed more gloss on the applicator. Maybe this is because I want to douse my lips in the color, but I have to dip approximately 3 times to get the amount of gloss  I'd want!
Naked Lips. Oh. So DRYYYY! 
Malibu: It's a jelly-ish finish. Although the color in the tube is pretty 'hot pink' it only gives a lovely hint / wash of color. It almost looks like a glossy reddish pink stain.  

Peony: This has as nice creamy finish. I love this dreamy cool pink color. This looks great on its own, but looks SO nice layered on top of colors. This always just gives that perfect hint of pink.  
Wind: This also has as creamy, milky finish. This is literally for me, the perfect nude pink. It looks great layered, but gives enough color to wear on its own. I love how it has just the perfect amount of pink to not make me look dead! haha! 
Divine: This is such a lovely creamy color. They describe this as a creamy rose. It's such a perfect my lips but better color. It this neutral, slightly brown rose color. It looks SO effortless! This is probably my favorite of the bunch!  
Here are the swatches. Top to Bottom: Peony, Wind, Divine, Malibu
Overall, I am just so obsessed! I just wish that they had more retailers close to me so I can check out the colors before I purchase! All the colors I have purchased, I absolutely adore, so it may be worth the gamble! lol! :) 

You can purchase these lip glosses for $20 online at jouercosmetics, nordstrom, and at these retailers

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