Happy Mid Autumn Festival! :)

Hi friends! :) happy mid autumn festival! It's gonna be a FULL MOON tonight! so don't forget to check it out!!

I used to only really love this holiday because we got to have so much fun time with family, eating every moon cake on the planet with different flavors, yolks, textures. MM.. thinking about it makes me drool.

I was super excited when Godiva came out with their own Mid Autumn Festival Gift Box! I was already so impressed when I tried their unique lunar new year flavors last year that I had no hesitation in wanting to purchase some of these for family and friends.

This year's Limited Edition chocolates (they called them 'moon cakes' but there was nothing in it that actually represented a moon cake - this is just a chocolate that they called a moon cake, FYI! don't expect it to be like a traditional moon cake lol!) included four different flavors: goji berry - black tea, mango - green tea, mandarin - black tea and grapefruit - black tea!

(PS. yes, i'm that girl that bit them all to show you the inside contents LOL) 

They were all so delicious, but (surprisingly, because i don't really love white chocolate) my favorite was the mango green tea. It was a white chocolate on the outside with green tea infused milk chocolate ganache on top of a mango apricot mousse. My favorite part was that the mousse had teeny little pieces of hazelnuts which added this really yummy and slight crunch to it! It was the perfect balance and reminded me so much of a decadent bubble tea! LOL :D

I was a bit weary of the big grapefruit black tea piece hanging out in the middle of the gift set. It's literally the biggest piece of godiva chocolate I've ever seen (and the oyster one is my favorite.. and that one is HUGE!), but it ended up being super fun and reminiscent of my childhood because as kids, we always split every moon cake and cut it into a lot of pieces so we all got to try the different flavors… and with this huge piece, we were able to cut it into lots of little pieces and share them among friends! So fun!

So I hope you enjoy moon cake festival and if you're interested in picking up some of these Godiva moon cakes, they are having a sale right now.. buy 2 or more and get 20% off! :)

So pick some up, share with friends and family and enjoy the full moon! xoxo

ftc. chocolates sent by godiva. <3 yum!

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