Lionesse 4P Curling Wand Review + Giveaway!

Hey friends! I have an exciting review and giveaway for you all for the Lionesse 4P (4 part) curling wand! When they contacted me, I at first was hesitant to check this product out because I haven't had the best luck with removable barrels (although i LOVE clip less irons), but I decided to give it a try because hey! it might be better than my last!

This curling wand came with 4 different wand sizes ranging from 18mm to 32mm that are interchangeable. The trouble I had with my old curling iron that was similar, was that I had the hardest time taking on and off the different wands. This one, however, clips on (you do have to match the way the rod goes, which took a bit of practice for me) quickly once you get the hang of it and is very easy to remove as well!

Here are the four different wands! 

glove it comes in, for heat protection :)
how creepy do i look!?

The iron has two temperature settings (which I'm not exactly sure what they are), but the highest reaches 400 degrees. The curls last a fairly long time - although compared to my other curling irons, it is about the same.

What I love about this iron is that it creates beautiful, shiny ringlets - and this you can only achieve with clip less irons! Here is my beautiful, sweet model, showing off her 4 curly ringlets. from the left is the biggest barrel, which produces gorgeous loose beachy waves, the second - which is a gorgeous curl, and then the third and fourth which become cute tighter curls!

Overall, I really loved this 4 in 1 curling wand! It does come at a hefty price of $400… although I DO believe it is worth it, I'm not so sure if I'd be fully convinced by this blogpost to spend so much money on just a curling iron... so obviously, what better than… to have a giveaway!! :) This is a collab with my awesome friend Jenny - we have fun little back to school videos on our youtube channels! Don't forget to check them out + join in on our fun giveaways! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

ftc. this is sponsored by lionesse, but my thoughts on this product are my own! and this giveaway is for yOU! <3
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