Tria Beauty Hair Removal 4x Journey Update!

Jul 23, 2015 |

Okay. So I meant to post a bajillion years ago, but I really wanted to thoroughly use the product and make sure I had for sure feelings for you before I posted this! Actually I have a better reason, but I fear you're all going to think I'm an idiot HAHA!

So here goes - it's been way over a month since I've started using the laser. I've been using it on my hand knuckle hairs because #1 I am always embarrassed when people want to see my wedding ring and I have hairy knucks, #2 I felt like it was a less sensitive area so it was an easier spot to laser and #3 I just did not want to use a huge patch of skin incase my tolerance for pain was lower than expected haha!

So when I first used it, I was nervous as heck. There are 5 levels of strength - 1 (weakest) and 5 (strongest). I started off with a 1 - it honestly was not too bad. It kind of felt like I was just pinched. Then I went straight to 3 - feeling brave. Felt a bit like an electric shock, like when you built up too much static and then you touched someone. Then I wanted to try a 5 - and it was kind of like a longer version of 3. Not terrible, but not comfortable, so through this process I stuck with a 3 (and if I felt brave, sometimes I went to a 4).

What I will tell you is.. I'm extremely happy with the results thus far. I definitely see less hair and the hair seems way finer than it used to.

Now.. why I'm an idiot...?? -- so basically because they tell you to shave your hair before your treatment, I was waiting for it to grow back so I could take the "after" pictures. After waiting a couple of weeks (and still doing treatments)... I realized that it was taking so long to grow back because THE LASER WAS WORKING! My hair did not grow back like it used to!!! - it was way more sparse and way thinner. Duh...

All in all, I'm very happy with the results, I can't wait to see what the update is like at the end of the summer to see if all my hairs will be gone! Then I think I will try to be adventurous over the fall and winter and try my arm pits!!!

so stay tuned ;)

Here are pictures of my knuckle hairs before (as you can see.. lots of hair!)

Here are pictures of my knuckle hairs 1.5 months later (was only shaved before the first treatment)
(btw. promise you its the same hand, I was just in two different locations with two different lightings!) 

You can purchase a Tria Laser Here and to hear the overview and introduction of the Tria Laser, see my first post here :) 

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