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Nov 14, 2015 |
So some days, I feel so gross after eating disgusting meals that I feel like I need a juice cleanse. Luckily, the amazing people at Jus by Julie sent over some juices for me to try! 

I learned from my delirium of my last juice cleanse that I should take it little at a time, so I opted to just drink either one in the morning to replace my breakfast or as an afternoon snack (since my lunch is at 10:45 and my dinner is around 5:45) 

This was the first one that I tried:
I quite like this one! It had a very strong hemp taste, so when I had my husband try it, he hated it - so just be weary of that if you dont like the hemp taste! Overall it was a nice mix of veggies and fruits! 

This was the second one and my FAVORITE one! 
Now I love myself some green juice, but this one was thick, tropical and vegetable-y! It was the best of all worlds for me! Usually when I have a green juice, I pee and am hungry in 4 seconds... but because of the thickness with the banana and rice milk, it was perfection! Kept me full til my next meal! 

Here was the next one:
This was like a coconut smoothie for me! I'm not HUGE on coconut flavor, so this wasnt my favorite one... however, if you like coconut, you will absolutely love this! This is another one that definitely filled me up well! 

The Chia Berry one was next!
This was the perfect drink as an afternoon pick me up! It was just sweet enough with a slight tang from the lemon and kept me full with the chia seeds.

This was like a fun take on a spicy lemonade! I couldnt finish this whole drink because I was scared the spice would make my stomach upset at work since my stomach doesnt handle spice well.. but this was quite tasty! 

Overall I really loved these juices! I definitely prefered the fruit and vegetable blends over the fruit juices.. especially the green ones since I felt like they kept me full!!! 


The kind friends over at Jus also sent over a bunch of booster shots which I found very interesting. I had my coworker try them with me since some were quite daunting. They have normal sounding shots like ginger citrus and lemon... but then they have ones like oregano... chlorophyll...E3 Live.... (what.) 

Day 1:

Day 2 (definitely feeling scared to drink it! LOL):

Some of them werent too bad.. but some of them were very strong. Needless to say, I would give you the advice of putting it in a juice rather than drinking it straight! However... I will say although the oregano tasted disgusting, I feel like it helped me fend off a cold that was on its way over!

Thank you Jus for sending over these juices! It was super fun to try out and I will definitely be picking some up - especially that #3 sweet spin... so good! 

Check out: www.jusbyjulie.com for more info!! xoxo

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