Tria Beauty: Final Thoughts

Nov 23, 2015 |
So its been a couple months and I've been now heavily acquainted with my Tria laser hair removal device. I've also gotten a bit smarter as I also went in to get professional laser services done. 

First off, just want to say that my knuckles have been hair free for a while now, so I really can't thank Tria enough ha ha! It was an easy and relatively painless process and now I have the smooth skin to show for it! 

So how does this at home device compare to professional lasering? I went to a friend who does a fantastic lasering job. It costs approximately $100 (which is very affordable) for a small section like my armpit. It takes about 6-8 sessions to become hairfree. Now, that has already racked up to well over the amount of the Tria device which you'll have forever! Painwise, they were relatively similar... the Tria had more of a pinching pain and lasering had more of a hot firey air shot at you. The one thing I will say about getting laser services done is That I dont have to do it myself. I dont have to do a countdown every time Im going to laser a section... but I know thats just a personal preference since I always prefer to get things professionally done (like waxing, mani pedi.. lol)

Overall, I think the Tria is great - esp if you want to laser more private areas (like the whooha lol!). And although it has a high pricepoint, its so much cheaper than  getting it done at a spa -- especially when the effectiveness is relatively similar! 

Thanks again Tria for allowing me to try this product out! I'm so happy with the results and can't wait to continue zapping til I'm hairfree! ha ha! ;):) 

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