Jouer Liquid Lipstick Petale de Rose

Feb 8, 2016 |

OH MY GOODNESS!!! Ever since Christina, founder of Jouer Cosmetics started snapping that they would be launching liquid lippies, I have diligently been patiently waiting (stalking?) for their launch.

Two weekends ago, they debuted 6 of their shades at Generation Beauty. I got my hands on two of them... and they are DIVINE! 

I'm a huge lover of liquid lipsticks, but drying formulas really accentuate my already extremely flakey, chapped lips.. so I'm always on the hunt for a hydrating formula. And just like any jouer product its pack full of hydrating qualities while maintaining their high, top of the line product.

my lips in sunlight.
I purchased the color in Petale de Rose which is this beautiful dusty rose color. Its a great every day color if you want to look like a classy act ;) It goes on like a liquid lipstick - quite silky, velvety smooth and thinly. It does get slightly tacky and stays that way for many minutes before it begins to dry down. I think because of this formula, it has helped my dry lips NOT feel so dry when I put it on. Once it dried, it lasted like a liquid lipstick. It lasted through eating, talking, coffee, etc. Although there was a bit of wear after 8 hours of teaching, you can still see the color on my lips after the full day. 

I am so excited to see the rest of the line... I only picked up 2 at genbeauty - wish I picked up all of them! She also has amazing metallic shades too! (Metallic liquid lipsticks... what!?) 

These are set to launch March 1 on

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