Surratt Beauty: Surreal Real Skin Foundation Wand

thebeautyprofessor made me do it! I saw her post on the new Surratt Beauty Foundation Wand and knew I had to try it! Luckily for me, this $65 priced product was during the VIB sale so I did get it cheaper! However... I will say, it was worth every penny spent. If I had to purchase this product when the sale was NOT going on, I totally would! 

Top is blended out, bottom is a single swatch
First off, the formula of this product is so lovely. It's smooth and weightless. It has sheer - medium coverage, which is perfect for the natural look but could definitely be built up to a more full coverage foundation. Also, luckily for me, it is fragrance free as well! The one thing I will note about this that was really nice was that I didn't need to set this product because after a couple of minutes, it didn't feel like the usual foundation that needed to be set. It almost felt like it set itself and didn't need any extra product. I realized going about my day without makeup being set, pretty much felt like it was set. *mind blown* After about an 8 hour day, it was still nicely on my face. It actually also helped my blush and bronzer stay on a bit longer, although it didn't last as long as my foundation lol. I am in shade 05 - and I'm an NC 25ish in mac. 

Super soft delicious wand - but it is not detachable! :( 
The one downside to it for me was with the packaging. Now I'm very partial to my beauty blender, so it takes a LOT for me to convert to something else, however, the brush was nice. It took a bit longer than a beauty blender, but did a really nice job of blending and covering my face (and its SO soft!). However, I couldn't figure out any way to take the brush off in the event that I wanted to wash it. I didn't want to wash it with the brush still attached because I didn't want to run the risk of making the product wet. For any of you that have used this product already, is there a way to detach the product? Or should I wash it directly?

Overall, the formulation of the product and the actual brush are fantastic. Man... now it makes me want to branch out to more Surratt products.....!!! What should I try next?! lol :) 

I purchased mine off the sephora website for 65 real deal buckaroos! 

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