Pixi Multibalm Review

Sep 22, 2016 |

Moisture: Usually cream to powder products leave my face feeling ashy, but these dont! They have almost a semi matte feeling where it looks matte, but still feels slightly dewy on the skin. They leave my face feeling nice and hydrated throughout the day. I loved this dewy look for the summer, but am REALLY looking forward to it over the winter!

Comes in five gorgeous shades (perfect for all seasons! :P) in Watermelon, Baby Petal, Soft Strawberry, Wild Rose and Sheer Sculpt.

Longevity: It has a really nice natural finish - lasted the whole day when set with a powder. (at least 4 hours) On the lips, it surprisingly kept my lips hydrated, and looked a little bit like a stain after a while. It does look pretty matte on the lips but because of the shea butter, oils and aloe vera, it kept my lips hydrated throughout the day. I did have to reapply pretty frequently.

Blendability: These blended effortlessly... however I had to becareful, because sometimes i blended too much, that i think I blended the color out. lol. I needed to do minimal blending to get the perfect color.

Colors: Of course I gravitated toward wild rose :P the mauve pink color, but it has a wide array of colors that are very buildable! Soft strawberry seems to be the most vibrant (and stains the most)

Above is Wild Rose on my cheeks and my lips! The perfect natural swatch of color! :) 

I think this is perfect for the girl that is always on the run. This is a perfect product to toss in your bag when you need an extra lift or when you need a quick 'healthy flush' - I gave some to my friend (who is a mom now) and she said its a godsend because how people don't ask her "how come she looks so tired" every 5 seconds. These are only $12 at target! Definitely less expensive than other multibalms out there :)

Will you be picking any up?! x

BTW.. let me know if you want a swatch post! <3

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