Benefit It's Real Big Sexy Lip Kit

I'm just such a sucker for they're real products and dual colored lip products. I couldn't help myself!!! This set comes with four lipsticks with a lip liner AND lipstick to line, fill and boost the fullness of your lips! 

 Comes in four beautiful shades. L-R: Flame Game (orange red), Pink Thrills (bright pink), Revved-Up Red (bright red) and Lusty Rose (soft pink)

Swatches from top down:
Lusty Rose, Flame Game, Revved-Up Red and Pink Thrills 

 Lusty Rose 

 Flame Game
 Pink Thrills
Revved-Up Red

What I will say is I LOVED how these felt on the lips! They were all nice and silky although I felt as though the orange and red ones had a bit more of a balm-like texture than the others where as the other ones felt a bit more silky/matte. The colors, although beautiful, were definitely a bit more sheer than I imagined (which I still love), so don't expect this to be a crazy pigmented lippie! 

I love the idea of the lip liner in it - because I do feel like these lasted on my lips for quite a while. Even when the color wore off, I felt as though it was still nice and hydrated on my lips. The teardrop shape made it easy to apply on the top lip, but not as easy to apply on the bottom lip since you had to flip it upside down. 

The colors aren't incredibly unique, but they are solid colors that will flatter any skintone :) I personally loved this set and have the lusty rose in my bag at all times because its my perfect hint of color! 

I purchased mine from sephora here! The set is $29 for 4 lippies! :) 
Will you be picking them up?! 

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