My New Haircut + Color by Aveda in FourteenJay!

Jan 4, 2017 |
My hair love - Aveda <3 <3 <3

When they offered to send me over to the fancy FourteenJay in Tribeca to get my hair cut and colored (especially when its with Aveda products..) ... how could I say no!?!?

Here is my ... horrendous 'before' pic LOL:
It needed saving - it needed to not look like straw on a hot day being sizzled. It needed to not look heavy as a cow.. lol

I've never had an experience quite like this -- and it was my first time getting my hair colored, so I was uber nervous! When I arrived, it was beautiful and bright. I was greeted by the sweet manager, Michelle, who directed me to my hair colorist.. MASTER colorist David and the beautiful hair cutter and stylist Heather.

Heather offered me a drink (they had tea, water, cappuccino, etc.) I opted for a water, but I took a pic of someone else's cappuccino LOL! And it even came with a cute little cookie! Thought it was such a cute touch.

Anyway.. then David sat down in the seat next to me and wanted to chat! lol. He asked me what I did, and wanted to kinda get to know me. Then he asked about my hair and what I wanted to do. I showed him a picture of basically... my hair. LOL. I told him I just wanted it to be fresher, a bit bouncier since it was feeling dry and heavy.. and since I've never dyed my hair before, that I just wanted a little bit of caramel-y brown colors, but only near the bottom (kinda balayage  -ish?!) because I can't handle if it were to grow out.

Then he and Heather conversed and decided together what we should do .. and off he went to go make my color! Now from that moment to when he was foiling my hair, I really had no clue what he was doing. He teased some bits, moved around some hair, painted it, foiled it. It was all so new to me - so I just let him do his thing.

After the process, I sat and took selfies for about 30 minutes. Then it was time to go wash my hair. David himself washed my hair as another gentleman massaged my hands. David even gave me a moisture masque (which I believe comes with your color service)

Then I was off to get my hair cut. It was so interesting, because Heather had me stand as she cut my hair. It was the first time anyone has ever done that before! However, she was right, she said its not accurate when I cut behind a chair, I want to make sure you get your hair to be the exact length you want! And then as we chatted away, she cut some layers - explaining her process as she went along. Then she introduced me to the thickening tonic which helped to make my hair look fuller and gave me tips on how to use my FAVORITEEEE air control hairspray to help give my crown some volume.

She then curled my hair.. and I literally felt like a new women! I love the way my hair ended up looking -- so healthy, fresh, voluminous and bouncy!!! So many people have complimented my hair and have had to do double takes to say, "wait, was your hair always that color!?" and then I went on a whole shpeal on my awesome experience at fourteenjay lol!

Thank you SO much FourteenJay and Aveda for this amazing experience! I am now obsessed with wanting to color my hair and I'm thankful I have the products to maintain it! Had SUCH a lovely time there chatting, getting to know you all and getting my hair to look alive again! Thanks especially to David, Heather and Michelle of FourteenJay and to Heather and Steph at Aveda! XO 

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