Becca Sunlit Bronzers Swatches and Review

May 3, 2017 |

Oh Becca - always blowing me out of the water! :) I already love their blushes and highlighters so much... so it wasn't a surprise that I'm obsessed with their bronzers as well! 

According to the Becca website, their new Sunlit Bronzers are 

Inspired by sun-drenched destinations, Sunlit Bronzer is like a day at the beach without ever having to step foot in the sand.

It comes in five gorgeous shades that fit different skin tones. 

From lightest to darkest they have:
Bali Sands: soft golden-beige to give warmth to fair skin tones 
Capri Coast: warm golden-brown for light to medium skin tones
Bronzed Bondi: Medium amber for medium skin tones 
Ipanema Sun: Medium Auburn brown for medium to dark skin tones 
Maui Nights: Ultra rich Sienna Kissed bronze for deep skin tones 

Here are swatches of each shade: 
In direct sunlight - top to bottom: bali sands, capri coast, bronzed bondi, ipanema sun, maui nights

Outdoor, in shade - top to bottom: bali sands, capri coast, bronzed bondi, ipanema sun, maui nights

Color: I love these because they all kind of run in the golden family (except Maui Nights looks a bit more reddish). However I do think they really would fit most ranges of skin tones. I work best with Capri Coast, but could also use Bronzed Bondi if I wanted a more done up look. Because I have the whole range, I decided to play with some of the deeper shades... and although Maui Nights is very red - I used it very lightly on my face as a bronzer-blush and it was GORGEOUS! :) 

Texture: Like most other Becca products, these bronzers are extremely milled and apply beautifully. They are buildable since first application was a bit more sheer. They also have slight shimmer but it isn't so noticeable until you are in the sunlight - when you look so golden! (I love it!) 

Longevity: with a primer and foundation, it lasts nearly all day. By the end of the night, even though it has worn off a bit, the color is still there. 

Overall: I'm really loving this. Although its not incredibly unique, I love how becca products are very consistently great for me - they are long lasting, finely milled, don't irritate my skin and have the perfect amount of shimmer for a 'sunlit glow' :) 

These are available for $38 each at ulta, and

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