Too Faced Life's a Festival Lipstick + Lip Topper swatches

Hey everyone!!! After the hype of the Too Faced Unicorn Tears La Crème Lipstick, you knew that they had to brew up some more! In fact, they now have a whole line of unicorn-ish items! Too Faced Life's a Festival collection features a ton of different unicorn items including 4 la crème lipstick (3 new!) and 4 lip toppers!

I was most excited about these lippies, so I picked up a bunch of them! Been trying them for about a week now and am so excited to share with you my thoughts! These are the products I picked up:

L-R: Angel Tears Lip Topper, Unicorn Tears Lip Topper, Fairy Tears Lip Topper, Fairy Tears La Crème Lipstick, Mermaid Tears La Crème Lipstick and Angel Tears La Crème Lipstick. (Missing from the collection are oldie Unicorn Tears La Crème Lipstick and Mermaid Tears Lip Topper) 

Mermaid Tears La Crème Lipstick || Iridescent mermaid tail green, blossoms to shimmering deep lilac

Angel Tears La Crème Lipstick || iridescent light yellow, blossoms into shimmering pink champagne

   Fairy Tears  La Crème Lipstick || iridescent pearl, blossoms into shimmering soft coral

 Unicorn Tears Lip Topper || shimmering light blue

 Angel Tears Lip Topper || shimmering pearl duochrome
Fairy Tears Lip Topper || shimmering light yellow duochrome with pink

Here's my breakdown: 

Packaging: It's very luxe and I have always loved the packaging and heaviness of the la crème lipsticks. They are easy to apply and the doefoot of the lip toppers are very precise. 

Texture/Moisture: They are SO moisturizing. I've always loved the la crème formula. They are incredibly moisturizing and smooth. The lip topper also did not disappoint! Both products are incredibly smooth despite the amount of glitter you see. The glitter doesn't irritate my lips at all - in fact, I don't really feel the glitter at all! 

Lasting ability: These don't last incredibly long. Maybe about an hour or so before I have to reapply. However, when it loses its product, you will find a STUNNING pink stain afterwards. So although the product doesn't last so long, the pink stain does! (what a bonus!) 

Pigmentation: because of the nature of these products, it gives more of a subtle finish. For the lip toppers, they are definitely more on the natural side with hints of awesome duochrome shifts. The la crème lipsticks are definitely more pigmented, but still sheer enough that you can see you lips. I think any more pigmented ... you may actually look like a mermaid's tail ;P 

Price: For the lip toppers - they are $19 each for .1oz and the la crème lipsticks are $22 for .11oz of product. They are very standard for a high end product. The la crème doesn't deviate from it's regular cost. 

Overall, I'm SOOO pleasantly surprised!! I LOVE the la crème formula and line and I thought the unicorn tears was super cool when I first tried it. I'm not a huge person into glitter or shimmer, so this is definitely out of my comfort zone, but I for sure think that these lip toppers are something I could still rock daily since it is relatively natural and subtle. I would definitely need a night out to rock the la crèmes! lmao! If you are into festivals or glitter, you will definitely need to try this collection!!!

You can purchase these at toofaced or sephora :) Will you be picking any up!? 

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