Urban Decay All Nighter Concealer Review

You guys knowww... I'm the ultimate concealer junkie - so when I Heard about the UD all nighter.. you knew I was all about that life! It claims to be a full coverage waterproof concealer that provides flawless matte coverage... for 24 hours!! It comes in 14 shades varying from fair warm to extra deep neutral.

Here are swatches of my personal shade that I use on my face which is in Medium Light Warm :)

Blended out with finger

Below are my thoughts:

Packaging: I love how pretty it is! It's really a stunning package that looks extremely luxurious. It's a pretty compact product so the doefoot can get to really precise areas. If you are trying to cover a bigger area, you will need multiple dips.

Texture: The product is what it says - it is extremely matte. If you have dry under eyes - DEFINITELY use an eye cream prior to using this. This product also dries down relatively quickly. I usually spot my whole face then blend out... in this case, I would do section by section. Although its blendable, its not like other concealer formulas. It is super concentrated in the spot that you placed your concealer and then you can blend in that area pretty effortlessly... it isn't quite as mobile as non matte concealers which I like (meaning it wont budge!)

Color: The color range is great - from very fair to deep with warm, cool and neutral tones. The pigmentation is also so fabulous! Covers even the darkest of blemishes and dark circles without the need of a corrector underneath. Something I did notice was that it oxidized on my face, so my under eye concealer ended up to be deeper than I would've liked. I ended up using a lighter concealer for under my eyes. Below is what it looks like under one eye LOL... doesn't it look like i dont even have bags!?

Lasting Ability: Let's be honest - I wasn't gonna try to see if it would last 24hrs.. however on a work day I am up with makeup on by 6:10am and I didn't get home one night until 11pm.. so that's pretty long! It definitely lasted until then! I had one side with setting powder and the other side without.. and both sides lasted really well! The side with setting powder did slightly crease. One thing I noticed that was awesome was that the concealer didn't seem to get greasy as my night went on (which is what usually happens to my face!)

Cost: The price point, although seems pretty standard at $29, there is only .12oz of product which is about a half of regular concealer prices. Therefore you are paying more money for the product you are getting, however I do feel like I need to use less than other concealers because of the extreme pigmentation of it.

Overall, if you have normal to oily skin - you would probably love this product. Although the cost is much higher than most, a little bit really goes a long way! (like I use about 1/3 of the amount I use with the shape tape) If you are thinking of purchasing, I would have to say - definitely try this out in store to see how the color wears first to see how it oxidizes or changes on your skin before purchase to make sure you have the correct color!

You can purchase this product at ulta, sephora, or urban decay :)

What do you think, will you be picking it up!?!?!?

*PR Sample
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