How to work with Brands // PR Lists, Collabs, etc!

Hi Friends!

I get so many messages and DMs from you asking how to get on brand PR lists, how to work with brands and how to get brands to notice you. I've compiled 3 of my most important ways to try and get you there.

As you may notice, I'm not the hugest of "influencers" -- in fact, I have a relatively small following compared to many of my other blogger friends. However, I've been able to make my way onto many PR lists and get invited to some of the coolest events. At first, I thought it was pure luck (honestly, sometimes I still think it is lol!), but I realized through chatting with a lot of my other friends what seems to help get you on the list.

1) Knowledge is key. You need to know yourself and know the brands you are approaching. 

     a - Know your own brand. For me, this is something I still evolve from time to time, however what is your personal niche? Yes it may be makeup or fashion, but what about it makes it special? Am I about all natural makeup? Am I about neutral colors? Do I love to play with color? Do I do glitter looks? Mine leans toward "girly" and "neutral". This will help you know the types of brands you want to approach. As a girl who likes neutral looks, I may not be reaching out to a crazy lash brand, a glitter brand, or a brand with crazy bright colors. Knowing your specific niche will help to keep yourself authentic to your brand and will align to the brands that you do reach out to.
    b - Know the brands you want to work with. If you are approaching a brand and you know nothing about them, yet you want them to work with you -- seems kind of silly, right? Know their products and their new collections that are coming out. Know what they stand for. And find their PR team. Here is where you have to do a little bit of research to help yourself. You can find most of the info on their website, however finding PR team people may be a little more difficult, but LinkedIn can actually be a huge help in finding them!

2) Find opportunities to meet the brand and the PR team. 

   a - There are so many different events and conventions that will help to get you to meet the people behind the brand. Find the opportunities to do so! Genbeauty, Beautycon, Stylecon, IMATs, etc. Search for your personal niche and guaranteed you'll find some event!

   b - When your opportunity arises to talk to the PR team: be yourself, be memorable, and bring business cards! Your pitch to the brand's PR team will be short and sweet (since they are probably so busy with a million people wanting to meet them) so that's why its important to [refer to #1 lol] know the brand and know yourself. Let them get to know you a bit, talk about products, but never leave without getting their name / info / business cards because you are going to want to follow up via email afterwards!

3) Reach out to brands via email. 

   a - just like at a convention, they have a TON of things to do. PR brands don't just sit and reply to emails and send people stuff.. they have 1038498327498 other things to do. So when you are reaching out, you want to keep it short and sweet. The main thing you want to convey is why do THEY need YOU? Even if you are a smaller influencer, how will your posts align and meet their needs?

  b - your email will need to have the following: short introduction, why you love the brand, why the brand needs you (what can you offer?), all your links / media kit, and a thank you SO much! *bonus #1 send links of posts that you've done already with this brand. *bonus #2, if you met them somewhere, add that in! and mention something that will remind them of who you are. "It was so great meeting you at ______. I still can't believe we have the same favorite lipstick from the brand!"

  c - many times you won't hear back. and that's okay! that just means you have to keep posting about their stuff, keep tagging them and later on you can try to email them again with more good stuff that you've posted!

Hope this was helpful to any of you! Are there any must have tips that I missed! Let me know down below <3
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