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Ever since I began getting eczema on my scalp, it has been such a huge blow to my confidence in so many ways. My head is not only itchy, but also flaky. This causes so many embarrassing things :( When I scratch my head, all of a sudden there are flakes all over my clothes and on the floor. I have to start thinking about ways to wear my hair as well as clothes that will mask all the flakes in case I do scratch when I'm not thinking.

Your shoulders are made for greatness, not dandruff
 That's what my husband ALWAYS tells me... when he runs over to help me clear off flakes when he sees that I've been scratching.

It's been a journey, that's for sure... but I found some products that have definitely helped to alleviate some of the itch or flakiness and I wanted to share them with you in case you are like me.. struggling with flakiness.

Philip Kingley:

Flaky Shampoo
-I've been using this product (and finished it and threw it out!) and it has been amazing on my scalp! If you just have a dry, itchy scalp, I think this will help clear it up without stripping your hair of its natural oils or feeling overly dry. It left my hair still nice and shiny! I rotate this in with my medicated shampoos and find that it still keeps my scalp at bay without feeling dry! And another plus is I love the slight apple scent!

Flaky Toner
THIS. I love the applicator that makes it easy to get to all the spots of your scalp. This really works though, and helps keep your itching at bay. NO residue and I find myself itching less with this product! Definitely does a beautiful job soothing your scalp!


Apple Cider Vinegar Salt Scrub (not pictured, because it looks SO dirty in my shower since its a tub you scoop! lol)
SO this one is super difficult to use if you have long hair like mine. HOWEVER, I think this is a product that can be super effective if you have short hair or have the time to sit and separate your hair. When I sat and separate my hair, placed the product in the itchy, infected areas, gave it a bit of a rub, it seriously made a huge difference in my hair. I think it was the longest that I felt my scalp without an itch. It also felt SO clean, and I was SO happy about that!

Lotus RX:

Shampoo and Conditioner
-This is a great shampoo and conditioner that is paraben, sulfate and salt free. This was developed specifically for dandruff with prescription strength while gently washing and nourishing scalp and hair. This stuff is SO creamy and provides such a nice lather and is excellent at soothing and moisturizing my scalp. When my eczema on my skin is bothering me, I also use the conditioner and lather it on my skin! It definitely calms the redness and irritation but feels so nourishing! And the creamsicle smell... OMG. so delish!

Hope some of these products will help you! I am definitely adding to the list as I continue to use more products! <3 Hope some of you on this scalp journey with me find comfort that you're not alone!!!

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