HiMirror Overview + GIVEAWAY!

Oh mannnn -- so I got the HiMirror (first generation like way back when) a while back and although I felt like it was SO cool - it had many updates that it needed. For example, you had to wave the mirror in order to move it from screen to screen and there were no online functions you can use.

BUT O M G.. their new HiMirror (mini) is updated and SO DARN COOL! Now it is a touch screen and has so many more functions!

If you don't know what HiMirror is, it's a "virtual beauty and health consultant featuring the Amazon Alexa-Enabled feature." It's basically a "smart mirror" -- a mirror that can help to personalize your skincare routine and can analyze what you need to make your skin better. It has a face detection thing, so you are able to log in with just your face!

Here is the face detection!

What it does:
The biggest and coolest function I believe is the skin analyzer. It allows a camera to take a picture of your skin and analyze to see the condition of your skin. It discusses the texture, pores, wrinkles and more. Once you use this every day, you can see how your skin may be changing for the better (or maybe not) with the current skin care routine you are using.
Here it is analyzing my face! 

Here's all the stuff my face needs help with WAH!
It even shows you your problem areas on your face! Here's where all my dark spots occur.

Other features:
Amazon Alexa Enabled - I don't have Alexa, but I could see how cool this could be if you are commanding Alexa to do things for you! lol :P

Make up Light - My original HiMirror light ONLY turned on with the camera, so this one is amazing because you have an LED light to apply makeup or to look at your skin. You can even adjust the brightness and warmth.

Virtual Beauty Box - This is a way to manage all the skincare products you are using. This is SO cool. It not only tells u the products you are using, but allows to track how certain products are affecting your skin. They also tell you if your products are about to expire.

Internet / Entertainment - OMG!!!! You can stream youtube, spotify and go on IG and FB. WHAT. It also has weather and news!!!

Below you can see how it has a bunch of different functions as well as the light that you can freely turn on to use as an actual mirror with lights!

Add ons:
HiMirror also has 2 different devices that you can add on with the mirror itself. There is a Smart Body Scale ($99) which provides accurate measurements of your body index. Also it has the HiSkin ($49.99) which measures your skin's hydration and pigmentation.

Honestly for me, this is a do it all mirror. I love that it analyzes your skin every day, but I think for me the most exciting part is knowing that it will help to track how each skin product works for my skin. Especially because I have my daily regimen and I always have so many products to try, it's nice to be able to see if products are truly effective for my skin.

I also love that since my skin is constantly changing because of weather, it helps to let me know what is going on with my face. It shows the specific places my face needs more hydration or more attention because it's porous or wrinkly. This way I can even target the specific spot on my face that I need to work on!

Overall, I am really loving this. There is a learning curve with all the functions that it has. And like any fancy piece of technology, it does has some ticks here and there like being frozen, but a simple restart usually fixes it all.

and GIVEAWAY!??? yes!! within the next couple days, I'll be hosting a giveaway on my IG to celebrate this awesome device! Come find me @beautybyjessicalee

The HiMirror retails for $119, but there is a $25 discount on amazon
You can also purchase from the HiMirror from the website - here are the discount codes you can find! 
BM668 Mini $119+Free ground shipping ($25 off coupon code: OFF25)
BM608 HiMirror $139 +Free ground shipping
BM618 HiMirror Plus $189 +Free ground shipping
BM619 HiMirror Plus+ $239 +Free ground shipping

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