5 Products/Brands that Gave me Confidence in 2018

Jan 4, 2019 |
Here they are - 5 products that gave me confidence in the 2018. These are products that I'm for sure bringing into the new year... and probably longer. These are products and brands I found that have really changed my thoughts about myself.

1. Too Faced Multi Sculpting Concealer - This has single-handedly changed my makeup look. I haven't been able to find a more hydrating, high coverage concealer that stays on my oily, but dry and patchy skin. You only need a little bit, and it doesn't cake under my eyes (like other super high coverage concealers) and makes my skin look brighter and more awake.

2. L'oreal Unbelieva-Brow Longwear Brow Gel - This was a love/hate product at first, but after I got over the learning curve, THIS PRODUCT CHANGED MY BROW GAME! usually my brows are pretty solid, but throughout the day if I sweat or touch any part of my brow, it starts to shift... but this product..! Once it dries, it DOES NOT move. It's so good, you HAVE to use an oil product to clean it off. It comes with a separate brow brush, which took a bit of trial and error to get it to shape my brows correctly. I would say this takes as much practice as it does getting a perfect eyeliner wing! Let me know if you guys want a tutorial -- SO GOOD!

3. Jouer Rose Gold Palette - This is unlike any other palette I've used. It's not overwhelming with only 12 colors, but the palette that it offers is so beautiful. It allowed me to do my usual day looks, but allowed me to experiment with a couple new colors. It was the first time I didn't feel intimidated to try new colors with my old and after a while, I started using colors I wouldn't necessarily use and people were complimenting me on my looks.

4. Drunk Elephant - This brand was introduced to me this year and it, along with some other products have really changed my skin. Being Clean beauty - it's free of fragrance, essential oils, etc... it's non-toxic, healthy for your skin... and my skin was happy for it. With a regimen of all Drunk Elephant, my skin began to clear and change (first it purged and broke out a bit). The products that I LOVE LOVE are the framboos glycolic night serum and the protini peptide moisturizer. They really work for my combination skin!

5. Fresh Beauty - I've always LOVED fresh beauty but these two products.. not sure if it's one, the other or the mixture of both have really made my skin so supple, plump and hydrated. The Fresh Rose Toner and the Fresh Kombucha Treatment Essence made such a great duo for my skin. Because of both thin formulas, it allows the product to really skin deep down into my skin. I'm seriously obsessed and am not sure I can stray from these two products!

What are some products that you're bringing in from 2018?! :P
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