Glow Recipe Avocado vs. Watermelon Sleeping Mask

I got a lot of questions about which one is right for you. People are wondering if they should pick up the Avocado or the Watermelon sleeping mask (UH... I would say, get  both if you can ;P)

These are BOTH products for hydration and work overnight to help give you a nice exfoliation your skin glow in the morning. They are both great for uneven texture and dullness of skin.

Now for the differences: 

The Watermelon Sleeping Mask - for me, is best used during warmer weather when I have oily skin. This is more of a oil free, gel like formula that is more lightweight and bouncy. It provides AHA to gently exfoliate off your dead skin cells to give you the glow you want! It is packed with hylaronic acid and watermelon extract to add hydration to plump up the skin! Your skin will be hydrated, soft & smooth, and brighter.

The Avocado Sleeping Mask - is good for all skin types, but best for more dry skin. For me, this is the perfect mask for the wintertime! This is a more creamy texture, that adds a bit more thickness and depth into your hydration. It adds avocado to add that dense hydration (and collagen). This also exfoliates, but instead of AHA, it has PHA (which are larger in molecular size, so it works more closely to the surface of your skin rather than the deeper layers of your skin). It also has kaolin clay and manuka honey to help pull out impurities of your skin while providing soothing properties for stressed out skin. Your skin will be hydrated, smooth, brighter, but also firmer (since it also helps with the elasticity of your skin)


So for me, it depends on how my skin is. When it's oily, the Watermelon sleeping gel provides a better hydration without my skin feeling greasy in the morning. The Avocado one is way more creamy and intense in the hydration and does a more gentle exfoliation on the surface on my skin to help with my eczema that might flare up during the cooler weather.

You can purchase both products at sephora here or here or on the glowrecipe site :) Will you be picking any of these products up?? :)

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