Loreal Extraordinaire Lip Colors Swatches + Review

Remember when I said I LOVE the Maybelline Elixir Color Lip Balms? That is because these Loreal lip colors haven't come out yet. If these two products came out at the same time, sorry Maybelline, but I would take all of the Loreal Lip Colors instead!

These are very similar to the Maybelline Elixir balms in that they are kind of a hybrid between lip balm and gloss, but the loreal stands true in saying that theirs is a lip color. To me this product is more of a hybrid between a lip balm and a liquid lipstick.

Let me break her down for you:

Packaging: I dont mind the packaging. It's very, I suppose normal for me. It is gold colored ,with a little peep of what color it is on the side of the packaging and on the bottom. It is a twist cap with a doe foot applicator. It has a fairly unique flat, slanted applicator that is very moveable to help make the application really nice and smooth. 

Texture: These have a slightly thicker, balmlike texture. Its glossy (has one of the most gorgeous, luxurious shines to it!) yet it feels really smooth. not very sticky at all. I absolutely LOVE this kind of texture. If I were to compare this to the Maybelline, I would say that this one is slightly (very slightly) thicker. 

Color: This is where the Loreal completely beats out the Maybelline Elixirs. Every color I have tried is consistent and true to the color on the packaging. You're not guessing whether or not the product will be sheer or hella dark. The pigmentation does not disappoint. They are all medium and buildable coverage. The darker/brighter ones are like WOW in pigmentation! Seriously stunning.

Wear time/moisture: This is also where Loreal outshines the Maybelline as well. This lasted about 2-3 hours on my lips and most stained my lips a beautiful hint of what the color was. The Fuchsia lasted all day - the stain on this was crazy! 

Smell: It has a slight perfumy, fruity scent to it. Almost like... mangos? Not too overwhelming and once it is on your lips, you don't notice the scent.  

Okayyy swatches are hurr:

Naked Lips

Rose Melody - a beautiful my lips but better color. It's a gorgeous peachy, rosy nude. Although it doesn't seem like the pigmentation is too strong, it does have decent pigmentation as I have placed the color over stained lips before, and you can still see the color! 

Purple Prelude is this pretty mauve purple color. I wish I could go back in time to fall so I can wear this every day! 

Fuchsia Orchestra is a fantastic bright fuchsia color. I was legit shocked seeing this on my lips, but the pigmentation is so fantastic, I can't wait to wear this come summer time! Totally should've made the swatch on the bottle a little bit brighter HAHA! nonetheless, I love how this looks! 

Because I'm obsessed with Orchid colors (OBVI COLOR OF THE YEAR!!) and purply pinks, I just wanted to share my new favorite lip combo! use the fuchsia color and then dab it, and put the purple prelude color on top. LOVE THIS COMBO! think it looks like perfectionnn! <3 

And that is all folks! Hope you enjoyed the swatches! let me know if you have any questions! I think they are definitely worth checking out! I think they are currently 9.99 with buy one get one half off or something at rite aid, or about 7.99 at Target! 

Have a wonderful weekend beautiful faces! xoxo 

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