NARS Spring 2018 Lip Color Swatches!

Thank you so much Muses for hosting an awesome event to bring bloggers and brands together to help influencers grow! At the event, each goodie bag had the four new spring lip colors by NARS.

I'm SO excited about these because they are so dang good. I haven't used the nars lip colors before so I am super excited to share these with you! This is what NARS tells us about their lip colors:

Limited-edition Lip Cover delivers saturated slicks of covetable color steeped in exclusivity and ease. This formula offers intense, full coverage with a velvety smooth texture. Infused with Passion Fruit Seed Oil and Vitamin E, known to moisturize and protect skin from free radicals and pollution. Rich and lustrous. Luminous finish. 
The Spring Collection comes with 4 limited edition shades: Embrasse Moi, Summer Fire, Under Arrest and Hell Gate. Below are the lip swatches with the color info.

Under Arrest - Peach Beige

Summer Fire - Pink Mauve

Hell Gate - Black Cherry

Embrasse Moi - Shimmering Peach Pink

Here are my thoughts:
Pigmentation: HOLY PIGMENTATION! I'm so impressed at how full coverage each swipe is! It really does pack a lot of color in one swipe... so much that the peach pink literally looks like my skin color! lol! 

Packaging: The packaging is in it's iconic matte black package. Super sleek and I appreciate that the color is on the side of the package so you know which color you are picking up. The doefoot applicator is smaller and thinner (not by much but slight!) than a standard doefoot, however it allows for a more precise application. I needed to dip a second time into the lip color occasionally. 

Moisture: These felt so comfortable on the lips. Like a super hydrating lipstick or a thick balm. Although they are not transferproof, I definitely preferred having this super pigmented, hydrated lippie over a transfer proof lippie! 

Texture: It really did go on so smoothly and felt silky on the lips. It's very hydrating so it does not dry on the lips. It is not sticky at all, but not too slippery. 

Lasting Ability: It lasted a good 3-4 hours before I had to reapply, but upon reapplication, the color was still intact, just slightly rubbed off in the centers. The deeper shade left a bit of a stain which allowed the color to last way longer! 

Colors: I love the color choices that they have. The Embrasse Moi was a bit light for me, but the red is very universal and will definitely be the biggest sell (IMO). The pink mauve is by far my favorite and most wearable and the Under Arrest peach beige is super unique and warmtoned! 

Price: This product is $28 each at .22oz. It is more high end and pricy, but personally I would go out and spend my money on this. I definitely think this is worth the cost! 

Overall..... RUN AND GET YOUR LIP COLORS! these are limited edition and I'm pretty sure... YOU NEED THEM! :P 

You can pick these up at NARS

See live swatches below <3 

*was given to me in a goodie bag from a Muses App event

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