Jouer Cosmetics High Pigment Pearl Lip Glosses Swatches + Review

The new Jouer Cosmetics Pearl High Pigment Lip Glosses just came in -- and if you like your metallic lippies, this is not one to miss! I personally adore the new high pigment gloss formula (even though I was so sad to see their old lip gloss line go!).

Their Pearl Lip Glosses come in 7 colors ranging from a warm peachy pearl to deep cool blackberry pearl. Below is their description:
This lightweight, creamy gloss delivers full-coverage pearl color that glides on smoothly and moisturizes the lips with Jojoba Seed Oil and Coconut Oil.
• Lightweight• Jojoba Seed Oil• Coconut Oil• Non-sticky formula• Warm and cool shades
Below are the shades and their swatches:

Maui - warm peachy pearl

Ibiza - cool baby pink pearl

Seychelles - Warm muted coral pearl

Riviera - Warm coral red pearl

Sahara - Warm cocoa bronze pearl 

Tulum - Warm black cherry pearl

Maldives - Cool blackberry pearl

Swatches Top to bottom: Maui, Ibiza, Seychelles, Riviera, Sahara, Tulum, Maldives

And here are a breakdown of my thoughts: 

Packaging: The packaging is the standard jouer lip gloss and lip creme packaging. It's luxe and heavy duty. I really appreciate when packaging is not round (this is square) so it doesn't roll around and is see through so you can see the color! 

Pigmentation: As the name suggests lol, these are high pigment. In one swipe, you do get full coverage color - even the lightest shades provide full coverage. In all of these shades I didn't see my bare lip color! The shimmer in it is beautiful, but not overpowering -- just the right amount of pearlescent color. 

Color range: I think for the 7 shades they chose, it was a great mix of cool / warm and light / deep. In this collection there is bound to be a color that everyone enjoys. I personally enjoy the deeper shades and maui is just so reminiscent of papaye which I love! (It would make a great topper to lipsticks!) 

Moisture: These glosses are packed with jojoba seed oil and coconut oil, creating a super hydrating formula. These are some of the only glosses that leave my lips feeling hydrated rather dry and flakey. 

Texture: The texture is very smooth (despite it being a shimmer) and lightweight. It doesn't feel sticky at all and they are very comfortable to wear. 

Long lasting ability: It transfers easily... I mean of course, it's a lip gloss. And the color wore off probably within two hours. It's quite standard for a lip gloss as most last about the same time. I never minded reapplying :) 

Cost: These are $17 each -- online you can ALWAYS get 15% off with Christina (Founder)'s code CZ15off I believe so then it becomes less than $15 per lip gloss. Each shade comes with 6mL of product.  

Overall, I really love these lippies. I think they are great quality for the cost. If you are not a metallic/pearl person, I would skip these and stick with their regular high pigment lip gloss collection, but if you are, definitely check these out! 

You can purchase these from jouercosmetics :) 

*pr sample 

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