Clinique iD Custom-Blend Pop-Up Shop!

I remember that I used to always be obsessed with the Clinique Dramatically Moisturizer, and now it's got a completely new revamp! You can now pick your own base moisturizer and customize a booster on what your skin concern may be. This way no matter what kind of skin you have from dry to combination.. and what ever concern you may have - whether its pores, dullness, uneven skin tone, fine lines and wrinkles or redness.. there is something for YOU.

Clinique has their first ever Pop-Up Shop for the iD Custom Blend Hydrator! Here's a sneak peek into the shop itself!

The first thing you do when you walk in is you can get your skin analyzed. You take a picture of you face and it tells you what your skin concerns should be (lmao). Each concern correlates to a different cartridge/booster that targets the concern. You can also choose different bases for three different type of moisturizer. 

There are five booster cartridges to choose from: blue to target pores and uneven texture, green to target irritation, orange to target fatigue, white to target uneven skintone, and purple to target lines and wrinkles. 

At the pop up shop you can even CUSTOMIZE your own bottle. OMG! How cute is mine! You can choose from plenty of designs and even put your name on it. They even have a station where you can further decorate it with stickers. Lastly, the pop-up has a green screen area to take a picture and a VR station (which i forgot to do!) 

One of my favorite parts though..... this little photo op!

You can check out the pop up which is open today at: 132 Prince Street, NY NY

You can purchase the Clinique iD hydrator here :)

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