MBeze Deodorettes Review

Aug 16, 2011 |

How adorable are these!!!!!!!!!!

I cannot get over the extremely cute and feminine deodorettes by MBeze! Every time I see them, I squeal with excitement the way I do when I see cute little puppies!! These are cute little deodorant sticks that pack a lot of punch in such small packaging. They come in 8 awesome flavors that you can check out here.

The Product: The product itself works wonderfully as a deodorant. It is long lasting and retains the amazing smells throughout the day. I would apply at 9am and I would still be fresh until the night time. No, this does not prevent you from sweating (it is not an anti-perspirant), but it does do a great job of keeping your bad odor low and does not clog up your pores!

The Texture: The texture is kind of a sandy and grainy feel. Its not a typical deodorant feel where it is either slick or in powdery.

Application: Is not smooth because of the sandy texture of the product. It is actually quite tricky to work with. I realized I can't just do my usual up down swiping motions on my pits, but rather I have to carefully swipe in one direction. In addition to this, because of its texture, the product often 'spills' over to the sides, similar to the way a pencil eraser will always have extra rubber dangling when you finish erasing. And I often wonder what to do with it... should I squish it back on top? Throw it away and waste some product? LOL Most of the time I will take the extra nub and squish it onto my armpit and rub my pits around haha :)

Pros: Great travel size, SO cute, all natural, comes in a lot of amazing flavors, awesome product that is incredibly effective at keeping your pits smelling fresh.
Cons: Texture is grainy, tricky to apply at times and has extra deodorant hanging over when you are done.

Overall, I LOVE the actual product. It works amazingly and has kept me fresh for a long time while still making me feel cute & feminine (rather than a gross, chubby girl that can't stop sweating).  I love the scents that I have and can't wait to try more!!!

These will be available at www.hipapotheca.com - which will be launching in a couple of weeks! :) Make sure you read about how to get free goodies before their launch and some other products that I've been loving from the company!

Thanks Michelle for these awesome products and thanks for reading everyone xoxo!

*pr sample

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