Jun 3, 2011 |
Hi everyone! :) I decided that I really need to blog sale it out- but instead this time around I'm only going to post about 4-10 things at a time, so it's easier for me to handle shipping things out (so I dont have to go every day for 2 weeks straight!)

Paypal ONLY, US is the given price, International is an additional $4.00. 

Directions/How this works:
1) Look at the website to see if you like anything!
2) If you have any questions about products or anything else - email bubblesandbeautyblog@gmail.com with the subject heading as QUESTION ABOUT BLOG SALE.
3) If you are ready to buy - email bubblesandbeautyblog@gmail.com with the subject heading as BUY - Your Name. (so mine would say BUY - Jessica Lee) In the body, write the products you are interested in AND where you are from so I can approximate shipping!
4) I will then email you back if the product is available. 
5) Sign into PayPal and send a personal gift (that way we don't have to deal with any fees or else I would have to charge you more and I dont want to do that!) to jessicalee0422@gmail.com - then email me your address. (I will also send you a confirmation to let you know I got payment and will also ask for address if you haven't sent it to me already) 
6) If you have emailed me - I will give you 24 hours to PayPal the money, or else the product will go to the next person.

Happy shopping! :D 


YSL rouge volupte #2 Sensual Silk - used 5-6x 
$23 SOLD

Origins VitaZing - 60-70% left 

Viva Glam Gaga II Lipstick AND lip gloss - each only used once
$22 together OR $12 each SOLD

MAC shell pearl beauty powder (liberty of london collection) - used 4-5x
$15 Sold

Skinfood Lipgloss #2 - used once

Urban Decay Primer Potion XL size (.55oz) - used 3-4x

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TaraE83 said...

Why are you selling the Vitazing? Did you not like it?

Jess said...

i wanted to love it!!!!! but i just didn't :( - it made me quite oily which caused me to break out. I've heard of that happening to a handful of lucky people lol, and I am one of them! For the rest, this is apparently a dream product!!!! hahah!!!

aaron said...

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Anonymous said...

Hey can you email me at ct1980@hotmail.com if the SHell Peatl is available, says pending

Jess said...

Sorry ct1980 - it was sold - i forgot to change the status since i was so busy!

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