My first attempt at making sushi HAHA

Feb 15, 2009 |
So i have this humungo fear of making raw food and eating it because I'm afraid i didn't take proper care of it and it would spoil causing the world to get food poisoning and die. okay... not die, but whatever u know what i mean.

so naturally... i decide to make sushi for felix for valentine's day because we're both pinched for cash and felix hearts sushi. a lot.

900am I head over to New Deal Fish Market- which is a small obvi... fish market in cambridge. i looked it up and it apparently had the freshest fish ever- sashimi grade. so i ordered all this smelly fish and freaked out that i had to hold raw fish for the whole day.

1000am I got home went to the gym for 20 minutes because I was too tired from my late night the night before. Then went to whole foods to pick up last minute items.

1100am I made rice because I was nervous it would come out bad so I could have extra time to remake rice. Also, I made 4 cups the first time around.. so haha that would be a whole lot of rice to throw out. i'm an idiot.

1200pm watched ugly betty online

1248pm watched bachelor online

200pm made my first roll because I was really nervous. it came out really loose and weird.

245pm played around with rice and thought about throwing out the fish because I was scared things would be rotten

300pm thought I was an idiot because I thought those thoughts

315-530pm I dont remember what I did because I was too busy thinking about what an idiot I was.

530pm began making some sushi and rolls!!

630pm Felix makes it over to my first attempt at sushi!!!

not too bad. I even attempted to do the fish on top of a roll. I started to feel fancy :P

It was a lovely Valentines Day- filled with a lot of love, laughter, and smiles :)

YAY FOR PRESIDENTS WEEK OFF WHOOO!!! enjoy vacay teachers!! -j
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