i judge your taste in music.

Apr 28, 2009 |
haha so yes, as many of you know, i teach music. i teach sixth grade music- a lot of the songs i teach are "YOOO MISS LEE THIS IS MY FAVORITE SONG, DO U KNOW..... THIS SONG?? I THINK YOU'D LIKE IT SINCE U LIKE THIS SONG".. and a lot of the songs i will teach "UGHHH MISS LEE THAT SONG IS SOOO BORING, DON'T YOU KNOW WE JUDGE YOUR TASTE IN MUSIC? YOU MUST HAVE BADD TASTE IF U LISTENING TO THIS!" hahaha.. rather than bad taste, i'd like to say i have a wide range of knowledge when it comes to music. i enjoy all genres and will give any thing a try. I even got convinced of liking one or two heavy metal songs by one of my sixth graders, which i am so not a hard rock fan.

I think this whole judging people thing is rubbing off on me though...

i was on a bus when i was going from Flushing to Chinatown when i was in NY and this guy was playing Quando Quando Quando by Michael buble. Love the song! We were on that bus for 45 minutes (traffic)... he's already played that song... legit 9 times. Maybe he only has one song on his player, or maybe he only enjoys one style of music. but that's lame. man, i'm totally judging you.

then as i was on the T ride home (cramped... again), there was this man next to me. Probably just out of college some years, in a nice suit coming home from work. Now this guy, he's a pretty decent looking guy (not that i'm looking felix), looks like he'd listen to... maybe some light jazz or maybe some bruce springsteen, DMB. Because i was cramped up next to him, I could hear his song.


- really? he's listening to the pussy cat dolls??? OK,... something must be wrong. this must be some sort of joke. so i wait for the next song.


no no no, he really can't be listening to this.

So i wait again. This time he picks up his IPOD and chooses his next song. (OK, i'm thinking this is it, finally he's choosing a song HE wants- maybe he just has his g/f's ipod or something) . . . . .


-what!??! another pussy cat doll song.

I give up. so as he finishes up his Pussy Cat Doll Collection, "don'tcha, sway, tainted love" ... i was thinking oh god. i can't believe a guy like you is listening to this stuff. BE A MAN.

when i think it couldn't get any worse... guess what i hear?? Disney Channel's Selena Gomez- Tell Me. HAHAHA... you are so lame.. and I am so judging you.

So moral of the story? Beware of what you listen to. People are judging you everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

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