How I earn money without a job!

Jul 7, 2009 |
So it's the summer, and i'm not gettin no income... so how do i make moolah??

Let me tell you :)

Today Felix and I went to Natick Mall. Ladeedah. I found some undies that I liked, but didn't have any cash, and it was only like 8 bucks or something. (Gilly Hicks! (?) So cheap!) I didn't want to pay with card, so I turn to felix and he gives me a 10 dollar bill.

Then, I decide, I want a scratch card from the lotto machine. (lol, i know already. don't judge me) So I quietly click the 1 dollar (obvi the one dollar is from the change of felix's 10 dollar bill LOL).

After I scratch, I won 10 dollars!!! WOW!

so although I should be 9 dollars short, i am 10 dollars ahead!

WAHOO!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

yay to the walleto de felix!
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