That's a stinky ASS fart! (lol)

Jun 4, 2010 |
Have you ever been in a really tough situation? I have.

I know this person. And he has a for SERIO... farting problem. He must be eating some weird sh*t (lol literally) or something is wrong with his insides.

Scenario 1:You are talking to this person like ladeedah and its all normal and crap and as you are talking, you are trying to get things done, so you are walking around. You happen to walk near him and BAMMMM you get slammed with the poop air. [Now there are only two other people in the room other than yourself. It's you, the poop guy and someone else. You know it's not the someone else because she is mad far away and you know it is not yourself cus ur fart don't stank like poison... so you conclude- there is no one else it can be!] What do you do?

Do you:

A) blame no one but acknowledge there is a smell and say "DAMNNNN SOMEONE TOOK A SH*T AND IT'S FRIGIN LINGERING IN THE AIR"
B) Pretend nothing happened and secretly conceal your anger that u got someone's damn poo particles in ur nose
C) Look at ur friend and hope to God that she smelled the worst poo smell in the world (lol so you can talk about it later)
D) Acknowledge the poo and acknowledge that he did it by saying "OMG UR ASS CRACKS MUST HAVE SOME NASTY FART LINGERING IN THERE CUS IT FREAKING STINKS"

now, I'm usually a B or C because I'm not going to TRY and embarrass you by callin u out on ur sh*t (HAHA!)... but after this scenario it happened another TWO times and personally I'm fed up. If it happens one more time. . .

I might have to pull out A, D -- but even better, maybe I can leave an anonymous gift:

fart pants. use them to neutralize ur damn stinky ASS farts (LOL u can make so many jokes with this!)

sigh. my life is filled with so many important decisions. :) -J
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