So courteous!

Aug 29, 2010 |
I really believe that Japanese Restaurants (owned by Japanese people) have the best service (or one of them). So Felix, a bunch of his friends and I went to St Marks and went to this Japanese place (which was so delish- the wait was so long, but it was SO worth it!). We got TONS AND TONS of food.

After eating like maniacs... stuffing ourselves silly and pretty much feeling like dying... we asked our waiter if he could just pack some of these things up. We pointed at a couple of things .. I think three things and said THANK YOU! as we continued to rub our bellies....

Soon after, he came back not with three take out containers... but with about 7 and we were like o.O whaattt...? how come there are so many boxes?

So remember when I said that Japanese Restaurant people are just so kind???

Well.. this is what we found...

Pardon the blurry picture.

but... how sweet of them to waste a take out box just for two measly little fries! They even poured the leftover sauce in the corner of the container. HOW THOUGHTFUL! hahaha

what wonderful people. really makin my day here ;)
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